Detailed Guide for the Organisation of a Sports Club

Detailed Guide for the Organisation of a Sports Club

The organisation of a sports club is not an easy task, regardless of its size and the number of registered members. You have to have everything under control so that it goes smoothly.

Therefore, we wanted to offer you this article with 10 points to keep in mind for how a sports club should be organised.

How a sports club should be organized: 10 steps

  1. Organise your workers

Each sports club has basic needs such as hiring workers for cleaning, cafeteria or someone who deals with the purchases and maintenance of the equipment.

Each and every day, the workers must be well managed; they must receive their payroll on the indicated day, you must supervise and record the hours they work, have contact with them for possible incidents or requests for vacation days … in short, an endless number of tasks that you must control to have good management of your workers.

  1. Get informed and keep in touch with members

Having the detailed information of each of the members is something important that you must have registered somewhere. Many different kinds of information are relevant: from their bank account number to their preferred classes, method of payment, etc. It is also good to have frequent contact with them to talk about improvements and possible problems with the club.

  1. Manage billing and accounting every month

Initially, for the organisation of a small sports club, the management of invoices and accounting is “easy and simple”. The moment you start to grow, you must have maximum organisation, otherwise it will be impossible to manage. Check the billing and accounting process very well before it becomes a problem.

  1. Number and manage reservations

With the advanced technology that we currently have, having to be calling every time you want to reserve a track, or a class is not at all convenient. On the other hand, you have to have someone coordinating the reservations to see if there are free slots or not. So that the people registered in the club do not have problems when it comes to reservations, the ideal is to find a sports management software that manages these functions automatically.

  1. Bring out your most creative side to surprise club members

Bring out your most creative side to surprise sports club members

Increasingly, people are more demanding and not so easy to satisfy thanks to the wide variety of products and services that are appearing. Surprise them so that they feel comfortable in the club is a task that you are going to have very much on your mind, constantly.

Some ideas that we can suggest are, for example, get a singer or musician to celebrate the anniversary accompanied by catering; do activities such as going to a prominent game related to the sport you do, or invite a professional to the club for an intensive course/workshop.

  1. Make your ideas known by giving them the promotion they need

Devising and carrying out such activities or events will not help if you do not promote them. Each and every one of the members must know what is happening. Give them all the information: time, day, place, price, telephone number … all that is necessary so that they can make a decision.

The ways to communicate with your members are diverse: through social networks, email, pamphlets offered at the club, posters, etc. These are some of the ones you can start with.

  1. Take care of your members and have a loyalty programme

Once the members are happy with all the kinds of activities you are doing, it’s time to keep them in that state.

How? Always take care of those who participate because they can recommend your sports club to new members. Therefore, we recommend that you make promotions for them; for example, they might receive a 20% discount next month if they invite a friend or that next month they will get 50% off for being registered as a member for a full year.

  1. Offer the possibility to organise matches

Matches or competitions are part of any type of sports activity. However, not everyone will be interested, but it is always good to offer the possibility of organising matches. Keep in mind to report in detail when, where and at what time they will take place.

  1. Expand your horizons and manage an online store

If you have an online store, you can sell t-shirts, scarves, sports equipment, cups, etc. with your logo. This is another aspect of your sports club that will need careful managing to fully optimise its potential. All purchases, shipments, returns, income and expenses will need to be monitored and controlled, for efficiency and profitability.

  1. Be human and communicate with your members

sports club membership software

Finally, have an internal messaging system with all the members so that they have the possibility to contact you with questions or suggestions. You can establish the contact with email or SMS. You can even use special sports club membership software free messaging apps so that members can get in touch with each other.

This is all part of what sports club software management solutions can provide for you. It can also be adapted according to the specific needs you have. Although organising a sports club will never be easy, the right management software and apps will always help simplify it, so you can spend more time focused on member satisfaction and growing your sports club.


  • Nareshkumar

    increasingly, people are more demanding and not so easy to satisfy thanks to the wide variety of products and services that are appearing. Surprise them so that they feel comfortable in the club is a task that you are going to have very much on your mind, constantly

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    The well-being and the health of the people is very important for that reason to do exercise is super important and to create a gymnastic although it is complicated it is not so much. The steps shown in this blog are quite useful


    first i thank this site is very nice because it gives important informations about sport
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