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Rugby World Cup 2019 Teams, Schedule, Favorites,More


Rugby World Cup 2019 start date Rugby World Cup 2019 Teams, Schedule, Favorites,More

With all the excitement going on around the upcoming rugby world cup, it becomes easy to lose track of all the information you need to make this one of the best editions yet. We understand that, and we have created this guide to help you get access to all the relevant information to keep in mind.

Bothered about where to watch the games, which teams to look out for or when the games are playing? Worry no more.

When does the Rugby World Cup 2019 start?

The first game of the ninth edition of the rugby world cup will kick off on the 20th of September, and the final game will be played on the 2nd of November.

The opening game will be between Japan and Russia and it will be played live at the Tokyo Stadium in Chofu of Tokyo. The final game will be played at the International Stadium at Yokohama.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Teams, Schedule, Favorites,More

Who is the host of the Rugby World Cup 2019?

Japan won the bid to host this edition of the rugby world cup, edging out competition from other countries. This will also be the first time the tournament will ever be played in Asia, making it a laudable achievement for Japan in their own rights.


Who are favorites to win the Rugby World Cup 2019?

New Zealand is coming into this competition on the back of an impressive win rate which will see them sweep home the spoils if they can keep to that. Likewise, it should be noted that they are now the first team to win the competition back to back since it was first launched, making them the most motivated team to chase after a hat trick of wins right now.

favorites to win Rugby World Cup 2019 Teams, Schedule, Favorites,More

However, they are not alone on the favorites table.

They still have to ward off stiff competition from the likes of Ireland, England and Wales – who was just recently crowned champions of the six nations. On the other side of the world, they still have the menace of Australia to deal with, considering the unlucky record that they always seem to have against this particular team.


When will the games be played?

You can keep up with the times and dates of the games by checking the official calendar of the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Make sure you create personal calendar events so that you don’t miss any of the games. Likewise, adjust your time accordingly lest you tune in late to any of the games or miss it altogether.

Rugby World Cup Rugby World Cup 2019 Teams, Schedule, Favorites,More

Who has won the Rugby World Cup before?

There have been eight different editions of the rugby world cup before this, but a small subset of teams has kept the monopoly of wins since the first one.

In this monopoly, England is the one with the least wins since they have just one trophy to their name. Following them is the duo of Australia and South Africa who have both won the showpiece event twice apiece.

These two will be looking to join New Zealand on the pedestal of three total wins by claiming victory at this year’s edition.

However, it should be noted that Wales could provide a long-needed upset in the winning categories, but we would have to see what the regional champions are made of on the global stage.

Is there a pool of death at the Rugby World Cup 2019?

Honestly, we would say that there are two such pools that can qualify for that here.

In Pool A, we have Ireland (#2 in the world) battling to leave while Scotland (#6), Japan (#11), Samoa (#16) and Russia (#19) might not be having any of it. About the same situation plays out in the Pool C where England (#4) has to battle it against all of France (#8), Argentina (#9), Tonga and the US (#12 and #15 respectively).

We would say England has the tougher hill to climb, but in all, we could risk seeing the top teams fall in the group stages.

Where can I watch the Rugby World Cup 2019?

That would be dependent on where you are in the world.

Those in the US can watch all the rugby world cup action live on NBC as they are the official broadcaster of the games for that region. You can either opt to get the channel on cable or go via streaming options to save costs.

If you are in the UK, though, ITV has purchased the rights to all 48 games, and they are allowing interested fans and enthusiasts watch it all for free.

Those outside of both markets can still get in on the action by purchasing a VPN and connecting to any of the supported server locations above (US or UK), then using the channels available to both countries.

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