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In America, businesses spend millions of dollars each year on advertising campaigns because they know that no business can succeed if potential clients or customers never hear about it or know what goods or services it has to offer. In fact, the reality is that successful businesses realize the importance of advertising and know they cannot afford “not” to advertise. Of course, another reality is that many businesses, especially if new and/or very small, usually do not have the financial resources to invest in costly advertising campaigns or, for that matter, to hire expensive advertising agencies. This does not mean, though, that such businesses cannot advertise. They can, and successfully so, as long as they keep certain guidelines in mind when designing their advertising campaign...
The role of concept testing in new product development

The role of concept testing in new product development

Starting work on new products is always an exciting time for any company. It can also be extremely daunting, as you are going through a process that you hope will make the company/brand stronger in the long run, but if a poor decision is made, then the consequences can be dire. In this article, we will look at how concept testing can help stop these mistakes from occurring, and show why it is such a vital part of new product development. Concept testing, simply put, is asking members of the public for feedback on a new product/service before it enters the market. This type of testing is strictly based on the product/service that is entering the market. In other words, it shouldn’t focus on aspects such as the brand of the product, or the advertising campaign of the product. This is ...