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Best Hobbies for Star Wars Fans

44 years ago, a little movie called Star Wars came out, maybe you've heard about it. Five sequels, five prequels, almost a dozen TV shows, and more than $9 billion in box office sales later, it's safe to say its legacy as a culture-shaping force is secure. Just ask any of the millions and millions of Star Wars fans worldwide. We love it for its epic scale, sense of wonder, and even for its bad science. As the franchise film cycle goes into a bit of a dormant period following the conclusion of the last trilogy, a lot of these fans are looking for ways to pass the time until the next film hits theaters. Whether you're a fan or just have one in your life, here are some Star Wars activities you can do while we wait for the next adventure in a galaxy far, far away. 1. Refurbish Old Fi...