Why $1000 Price Tag Of iPhone 8 Anniversary Edition Is Justified

The 2017 is 10th anniversary of the original iPhone and the upcoming iPhone 8, if not named as iPhone X, would be the most ambitious smartphone Apple had ever made.

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One latest rumor has guessed about the price tag of iPhone 8 “Anniversary Edition” saying it would be the most expensive iPhone so far. The device could cost user $1000, or even more.

This can be justified as the current high-end iPhone is priced tagged $900.

There are good reasons why iPhone 8 “Anniversary Edition” could be priced tagged so high. Rumors suggest the device to sport eye-pleasing OLED display instead of LCD and to be made with glitzy materials like a glass back panel as well as stainless steel edges. The device to come with upgraded memory to offer maximum storage space, even more than the current level of 256 GB in iPhone 7 Plus.

iphone 8 anniversary edition

Two things can be understood here. One, the OLED display has advantages in power consumption as unlike LCD it does not require a separate backlight and so the space saved could be utilized by fitting a bigger battery. If not, Apple could make the whole thing slimmer.

The second is, Apple continues to bank upon memory card slots as video recording quality has hit 4K and to accommodate more recordings a larger storage capacity model is required.

Some rumors suggest Apple could name the flagship device as iPhone X, the letter ‘X’ to represent 10th anniversary. The phone to sport a bigger 5.8-inch screen, bigger than the current iPhone 7 Plus.

apple iphone x

It is also rumored Apple may be retiring the Home button and in fact there will be no physical button on the surface. The evolution will help slimming of the lower bezel and this could lead the device to trim.

It is yet to be understood the anniversary edition is an opportunity time for Apple as switching to OLED was much talked about earlier for the iPhones and also the retirement of physical buttons. The cutting-edge touch panel as well as built-in home button functionality are to be considered as selling points for the company to create more demand in the global market unlike the iPhone 7 Plus that had enough trouble keeping up the demand in last quarter.

However, the next big thing is going to happen soon and we must welcome gladly to appreciate what is better and debate what is not. Until then lets continue guessing what’s more in store when Apple reveals iPhone 8 Anniversary Edition.

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