5 Approaches How Technology Helped Businesses to Grow

5 Approaches How Technology Helped Businesses to Grow

Whether you focus on the domestic or international market, competition is extremely severe everywhere, and being a business owner means that you are always in quest of new opportunities for productivity increase, revenue growth, cost reduction, and competitiveness improvement. That is why it is essential to keep up with modern technologies to not miss out on tools that can significantly optimize business processes and boost business development. Let’s find out the role of technology in business together and why is technology important in business.

Here are five ways of how technology helps business growth.

Optimization of business processes

“Nowadays, it is important to optimize business processes, eliminating manual tasks, and automating workflows. Fortunately, whatever business you run, there are many productivity tools and helpful applications that can ease and accelerate task performance. Many of these tools are open-sourced, others provide free trials, so you can select the most appropriate solution for your company. If any ready-made software does not meet your requirements, you can develop an application, especially for your company and its unique needs. Actually, many successful enterprises have already had several tailor-made apps, ”says Oleh Sadykow, a co-founder of DeviQA – leading manual testing services company.

Improving your efficiency by means of productivity tools is one of the best strategies you need to leverage for your business growth. This is the first importance of technology in business.


Flexibility – is the next point that makes us think about the importance of technology in businesses. Modern technologies also let businesses be more flexible. For example, cloud-solutions have broken the ground, providing users with vast opportunities. If you want to implement effective business growth strategies, cloud technologies should be a top consideration. The advantages of the cloud are that data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and with any device, backups are performed automatically, and an unlimited amount of data can be stored. The leverage of cloud technology considerably simplifies your routine tasks, cuts down expenses, boosts productivity, and improves mobility.

Effective communication and collaboration

With modern technologies, communication has become as easy as never before. Using laptop-based softphone software or toll-free calls, you can talk to anyone from any part of the world, not paying a penny. With video conference solutions such as Skype or Zoom, file storage and sharing solutions such as Google Drive, webinar platforms like GoToWebinar, and other corresponding tools, you can organize effective and convenient communication with your team members, partners, and clients from all over the world with minimal expense.

Social networks, in their turn, are the best way to build communication with your customers. Accounts in the most popular social networks can help you not only to promote your services or goods effectively but to share valuable content, inform about important events and changes, hold an opinion poll, and receive feedback. That is why a strong online presence is extremely important these days.

Actionable analytics

Knowledge is power. This well-known statement is actual as never before. To be successful, business owners must be well-informed and get needed information on time. That is why it is important to pay attention to analytics. Companies gather and store terabytes of data from various sources. Leverage of the top tools for data collection and analysis can bring fabulous results. With proper use, big data analytics can help you understand market needs, improve services and goods, boost performance, track and optimize reputation, and minimize risks due to actionable insights.

Improved customer service

Excellent customer service is a ticket to success. Brand-new technologies enable you to provide an online help desk to solve various customer issues, make appointments online, conduct surveys to receive customer feedback, etc. Helpful customer relationship management (CRM) software can help detect customers’ needs, identify new opportunities, automate marketing processes, and optimize customer support. That is how have technological innovations helped small businesses.


Technology is a powerful tool for business development. The implementation of new technologies may be rather challenging and expensive. It may take time and effort, as it is necessary to thoroughly study internal processes, identify needs and gaps, select the most appropriate solutions, test them, and maybe involve the third party experts. Still, a well-chosen or well-designed tool can bring visible results and justify itself very soon.

Technology development is dynamic and ever-changing. That is why keep your eyes on the ball, monitor advances in technology, and use them for your business growth. And now you know how to make a small business grow.

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