6 Ways Voice User Interface is Changing People Lives

command 6 Ways Voice User Interface is Changing People Lives

Voice user interface is slowly changing the way of doing things whether in normal chores that people do every day or in business e-commerce. Almost everyone owns a phone and this means it opens the way for them to explore the VUI technology with just the download of the app. With the VUI app, you will have a voice assistant by your side to help you accomplish different types of tasks. The following are 6 ways voice user interface is changing people’s lives.

1. Get Things Done with a Voice Command

VUI allows you to just say a command to get things done. For example, if you want to listen to a specific song, just say play song title. The VUI can also play a default song if you did not say the song title. If you were to play the song manually on a desktop, you have to launch the media player and browse your folder for the song title to play it on your speaker.

2. Answer and Receive Calls

VUI can help you to answer calls when your hand is dirty. Calls answered by the voice assistant can be screened. You will be able to find the transcript and audio of the conversation in the phone call in your phone history. You can also tell VUI to send calls to your friends, and family members. This can be convenient when you are driving and don’t want to turn your head away from the traffic in the road ahead. Get more details at the guide to voice user interfaces at Alan Blog.

6 Ways Voice User Interface is Changing People Lives

3. Launch a Game

You can tell voice assistant to launch a game. For example, Google Assistant now works with Xbox One. It will automatically turn on your Xbox and load the game title. You can also use your voice to search for new games to download without using the keyboard. The assistant can record your gameplay in case you want to upload it online. It can also take a screenshot of a particular scene in the gameplay for sharing with friends.

4. Automate Small Tasks Every Day

VUI can automate small tasks that you perform regularly like reordering food for your pet, search the web for movie times, and checking today’s weather. You can set your voice assistant to work with your preferred default services, for example, reorder the pet food from Amazon. It can even help you to search for the cheapest provider if you dictate the requirement of the product is purchased at the lowest price. So, having a VUI ordering your groceries can increase your savings.

5. Use Voice to Control Screen

More and more people are having smart speakers with screens in their homes. Smart speakers can open the door for voice shopping. Echo Show and Google Home Hub are two example devices which allow you to use your voice to control the screen. The TV can also become a tool for shopping if the feature is integrated with the Fire Stick TV with Alexa. Voysis is another VUI app that can help you to find a product with your preferred filter criteria. For example, Voysis can filter the product results if you are shopping for a bag within a certain price range.

speach analysis 6 Ways Voice User Interface is Changing People Lives

6.  Detect an Illness and Suggest Remedies By Listening to Your Voice

Voice user interface can even recognize symptoms of illness and sicknesses by listening to your voice. For example, Alexa, can listen to you coughing and sneezing and suggests which medicine to purchase online. It can also suggest a recipe like the soup that can help in alleviating the symptoms of your sickness. It can help you to order the medicine at your preferred online store and the order confirmation sent to your email inbox without you having to get up from bed to order it yourself at the local pharmacy.

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