Amazing Remote Control Airbus A380-800 Replica

The Airbus A380-800 is an amazing replica after the real Singapore Airline Airbus A380-800. It was created by a German aircraft model maker called Peter Michel. It took Peter approximately 5,000 hours in 8 months to build the aircraft. The plane is piloted by Michael Brauer. The model plane is made mainly from lightweight balsa wood and Styrofoam so that it can take air and fly in the sky without any problem. It was originally assembled in a place called Hausen am Albis in Switzerland.

The Airbus A380-800 is the largest toy remote control passenger plane in the world. It does not require any pilot on board to maneuver it. The plane has sparked interests from many avid aviation fans. It has recently stunned the crowd at a model airplane show in Switzerland.

The Airbus A380-800 looks so real that you can easily mistake it for a real airplane flying in the sky. The size of the remote control model is about 14 times smaller compared to the full sized plane. The airplane is about 4.8 meters in length and has a wingspan of 18ft. It has a weight of about 71 kg (156.1 pounds).

The Airbus A380-800 is operated on four powerful Jetcat P120 jet engines. The turbine of the jet engine sounds like the engine of the real airbus. It has a fuel tank capacity of 10 liters. It is equipped with a double decker fuselage system. The average fuel consumption of the airplane is about 1.2 liter per minute. It burns about 0.3 gallons of fuel per minute. You can fly it for about 5 minutes in the sky.

You can go to YouTube and watch them using remote control to maneuver the Airbus A380-800 on the runway. The video of the plane taking off in YouTube has received more than 2 millions views. The YouTube video was recorded during an air show in Germany. It is unknown as to who was piloting the model aircraft at the air show in Germany in the video. It is also not stated how much it will cost to purchase it. However, remote control aircrafts similar to the Airbus A380-800 is said to cost about £1,800 (USD3, 000). The Airbus A380-800 is not available for sale at any online store currently.

If you are interested in owning one, you will have to contact Michel to custom build it for you. Many grown up men still enjoy playing a remote control aircraft as they are in their childhood. The Airbus A380-800 is one of the best remote control airplanes you can get to play during your free time.

The Airbus 380 is a real plane in the Singapore Airlines that begin operation on April 2005. It became a commercial airplane for the Singapore Airlines in 2007. The total number of Airbus A380s that operates in the Singapore Airlines is 115 units. The real double decker jet has a wingspan of 79, 75 meters. Each Airbus A380-800 can accommodate up to 535 passengers. It costs about $390 millions to manufacture an Airbus A380-800.

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