Why Apple Need To Work On Smart Glasses

Google Glass is the era of past now, but is it true Apple too is working on similar smart glasses. It is hard to predict the iDevice giant would be selling the devices, but it is also hard to picture the company not doing it.


Apple has always dominated the market and the current era is gradually becoming a tough challenge with shrinking smartphone margins, flabby tablet market, Appl TV not bringing huge profits and smartwatches not panning out as a mainstream platform.

If smart glasses turn to be a successful device and enters mainstream consumer electronics category, the iPhone maker will thereafter be forced to enter the market as a fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders.

Apple may run the risk of losing market share if mainstream smart glasses requires an Android phone.

Late last year Bloomberg reported the iDevice giant may enter the digital glasses market citing anonymous sources. It was also published the smart glasses could go on sale next year.

Meanwhile, The Financial Times too reported something similar in 2016 saying a large team is being built at Apple to focus on augmented and virtual reality. The paper adds employees from Lytro and Microsfot too are being poached.

What’s not working on today’s smart glasses

Some names like Microsoft’s HoloLens and Magic Leap’s big project are common and some more have been learned from CES 2017. A company from San Francisco and named as Osterhaut Design Group (ODG) unveiled earlier this month a sub-$1,000 pair for consumers called the R-8. It connects to Android phone with the help of Bluetooth LE.

Why Apple could grab huge market share

There is no smart glass in the market that can be considered to be in the mainstream and for Apple experimenting on it would be better than earbuds as the glasses can hold a bigger battery and could be better for interaction with a virtual assistant like Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Assistant. Apple also demonstrated much with its Apple Watch that came with variety of types, faces and bands. The same efforts can be expected with the glass product, which could just look like a regular prescription glasses and sunglasses. Moreover, it could be ordered as a check-box item whenever user needs a regular glass. For sure, it won’t be bulky, ugly and dorky. Isn’t it?

Share your views whether Apple is really in need of a glass like product to re-dominate the tech market.

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