Why Apple’s New iPad 2017 Is An Ideal Tablet For Everyone


The new iPad performs faster and offers a brighter screen at about half the price of iPad Pro.


Compared to the iPad Air 2 it is a bit heavier and thicker too. It lack speaker and screen quality that comes with iPad Pro. It does not support stylus.

apple ipad 2017

The new iPad is cheaper but comparatively more advanced at the price Apple offers and considering the previous models. It is priced tagged little more than $300 and is said to be the cheapest iPad from the iDevice giant.

The original iPad debuted in 2010 and gradually became the lovable gadget for many, but in recent years sales of tablet devices have dipped as big-sized smartphones started offering the same, or close experience.

The new 2017 model is a surprising entry of iPad that comes at a very competitive cost without the bells-and-whistles flagship. It has dropped all the honorifics like Air, Pro or Mini. Apple has just positioned it as iPad.

new ipad 2017 tablet

The 32GB Wi-Fi only model starts at $329 and the 32GB Wi-Fi/LTE version cost $459. Similarly the 128GB versions are priced tagged $429 and $559 respectively. Apple has not come up with 64GB option.

The starting price of new iPad 2017 is $70 less than the starting price of iPad Air 2 and $60 more than the iPad Mini2.

Even though it is said the new iPad replaces iPad Air 2 in the tablet lineup of Apple, but if given a closer look it resembles the iPad Air of 2013 with exact same 7.5mm thickness and 469 gram in weight.

Apple's newest tablet - iPad 2017

The iPad Air 2 weighs 437 grams and is 6.1mm thick. The LTE versions of the same weigh about 7 to 9 grams more.

The new iPad has the same 2.048×1,536 resolution as the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. Apple claims the screen of new iPad is 25 percent brighter.

The iPad Pro has a wide-color display too that supports P3 color gamut to lure professional visual artists, video editors and people from other similar professions. Comparing the screen of iPad and iPad Pro keeping side by side, the Pro version looks awesome, but that’s a $600 and up.

If compared with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, the new iPad 2017 will look inferior in terms of screen. The South Korean giant’s product comes with an AMOLED display and offers better movie viewing. However, it is expensive and is priced tagged at $599.


Apple’s new iPad 2017 with 9.7-inch screen size is a value for money product. It is an ideal all-around tablet at a very competitive price. It is a product for everyone.

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