AUSDOM M08 Bluetooth Headset Review

AUSDOM is one of the well known names in offering quality headsets at cheaper prices. Its new Bluetooth Stereo Headset now with Discount : 61% OFF is the latest craze. It is M08 and below are the details of it:

AUSDOM M08 Bluetooth Headset Review
AUSDOM M08 Bluetooth Headset Review


Not expensive
Powerful battery
Playtime life of up to 20 hours
Highly comfortable
Built-in microphone
Powerful wireless connectivity
Bluetooth 4.0 support
Bluetooth range up to 10 meters


Less stylish compared to other expensive products

You may not find the AUSDOM M08 Bluetooth headset awesome, but it is beyond expectations if considered the price tag of less than $50 mark. Most of the wireless headset comes at around $150.

The headset offers the comfortability of using either without or with wire. If you run out of battery, you can use it wired using the cord that comes in the box, a 3.5mm audio cable. This mean you don’t miss listening anytime.

The sound quality of AUSDOM M08 is good, at least better than the headsets coming in the range of about $100. Even after hours of listening you won’t feel any discomfort.

In terms of design the headset looks nice and decent. For most of us design is what matters as device will be used indoor as well as outside. It has sleek appearance and smart layout. It is the perfect combination of fashion. It is lighter than the predecessor and also compared to most of the headsets in the range or a bit higher range. It has foldable design and easy to carry.

The AUSDOM M08 comes with advanced build-in microphone system to provide clear calls even in windy or noisy environments. It is fueled by a 500mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable battery that can be charged through USB port. It is claimed the battery supports 25 hours music playing time and standby time of over 250 hours.

Apart from M08 you can find some of the more Headsets at reasonable price tags.


The AUSDOM M08 is beautifully designed. It is light, sleek and a powerful headset providing rich bass and detailed sound to ears. It features foldable design and this is an added advantage in carrying apart from being fashionable.

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