The Best Entertainment Apps Available On Your Phone

The Best Entertainment Apps Available On Your Phone

A phone has become an essential gadget that people find hard to leave behind not only for communication purposes but people can also earn through their phones. When people are not communicating or working on their phones, they need applications which can entertain them to kill boredom. The following apps are a good consideration to ensure you remain entertained while on-the-go. Some of these apps are free to download while others are cheap to purchase, but they are worth every penny. Users need to check their phone compatibility before downloading any app as some of these apps are not supported by all operating systems.

  1. YouTube

Being in the list of one of the oldest entertainment apps, YouTube brings entertainment right to your mobile phone. You can enjoy great music, movies and even loge news coverage from various media houses who broadcast via YouTube. The best thing about having this app is that you do not need to pay anything to download and only need a stable internet connection. People can also earn by watching YouTube videos or manage their videos and share with friends and family on different social media platforms.

  1. SoundHound

Identifying songs which you need to listen to again or you are currently listening may be hard and mind-boggling. Luckily, there is SoundHound, an app which you can use to identify songs if you want to buy them on iTunes or watch their videos on YouTube. The app can also be used to recognize music which you hum or sing with its unique properties. A sound search using this app will help you recognize various versions of songs which you may not have known that they existed. SoundHound is free to download and you can start searching for songs which have stuck in your head and you do not know their titles or artists.

  1. Spotify

The traditional purchase of music is fast transitioning from the CDs to online platforms. People find it cheap to listen to their favourite songs without the need of buying a full album with songs which they may not like. Spotify allows people to listen to songs online, make their favourite playlists and share with friends at a cost of £9.99 per month. The app also allows people to download songs to their phones which they can listen when offline. Spotify has a search option and classifies songs according to their genre for easier selection for people who are not sure about the songs they want to listen to.

  1. Crackle

Movie lovers who are looking for an app to watch their favourite movies and TV shows will find Crackle a great entertainment. This app is free to download unlike Love Film and Netflix, although it may not contain the latest movies. All a user needs is a fast internet connection to stream movies and TV shows from the comfort of his phone. Broadband Choices is a great site that you can visit to compare the available internet providers near you for unlimited movie streaming fun.

  1. Sudoku

Keeping your brain active is essential in enhancing your memory and ensuring that you do not forget general information easily. Sudoku is an essential app for people who love to think deeply and a great in solving problems. This app will keep you glued to your phone while you solve puzzles that help boost your memory considerably. Sudoku is free to download and it is supported by all devices. The merit of having this app on your phone is that you do not need any data plan as it does not rely on the internet to operate.

  1. TuneIn Radio

Many phones come with inbuilt FM radio which users only need to plug in their earphones to listen to. Users of iPhone, however, do not get to enjoy this feature as it is in not available on their phones. TuneIn Radio enables iPhone users to listen to over 70,000 live radio stations across the world directly on their phones. These stations have various classifications including sports, music, comedy and talk shows. TuneIn Radio is free to download and users will not miss on any show depending on their moods.

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