Best GPS Tracker Apps for Android

Best GPS Tracker Apps for Android

GPS is a very useful technology to track the Geographical location of any place, person, vehicle and any other assets. This system can record the location of any asset on a regular interval.

Nowadays tracking with GPS system is very popular among the people and this popularity has been increased while various related apps are buzzing with GPS features. Many companies develop GPS Tracker software as well as apps.

You can find GPS Cell Phone Tracker feature in Android phone as well as iPhone and Blackberry. But in this article, we will discuss some GPS Tracker Apps for Android Device.


mSpy is one of the most popular GPS tracker and it comes with excellent features. With this app your can track the current location of your friends and relatives. You can see the route history of the person who is tracked by you. mSpy can work even the regular GPS system of a phone is not working.  It allows you to collect the data from its control panel what is enable to your phone.


Glympse is very simple geographical Location Tracking app. You don’t need to any Social Media permission or any email verification to sign up on Glympse. You can select the time length for which the addressee can track your current location. The addressee will get a link if you share your location with him/her. When the receiver clicks the link he/she can see the estimated time of arrival, when the time is over, the addressee can’t access your location any longer.

MapMyRun GPS Running

MapMyRun GPS Running is ideal for joggers, runners, and walkers. You can easily track the distance you have covered, how much calories you have burned, the pace of running, etc. It features time-consuming audio alert and much more. Just hit the start button while you start running, jogging or walking. It can estimate the distance, route, calories burning and speed per minute. This is a smartest GPS tracker app I have ever seen.

Way GPS Phone Tracking

Way GPS Phone Tracking is one of the excellent tracking app and with this you can track the location of your friends, relatives, as well as your employees. Users need to carry 3.1 or above Android version to use this app, and you need to restart your phone after downloading this app. Otherwise, it will work. It can give you highly security service, and it works silently. An essential feature of this app is it can track more than one device at a time.

Real Time GPS Tracker

It is more than a GPS Tracker. By using this app, you can share your location with your friends and family through Google Map even; they also share their location with you. To share location each other, you and your friends or family should download this app.

GPS Tracking

With this app, you can know the exact location of your friends and relatives. So you can easily make sure that they are safe or not. The rareness of this app is you can track continuously for 7 days. I didn’t get this feature in any other GPS tracking app.

GPS – Track for Android

You can track a person with this app while he/she is cycling, hiking, MTB, Ski tour, etc. This app is compatible with 2.1 or above Android version. The drawback of this app is it discharges your phone sooner than usual.

Final Words

Here I have added some GPS tracking apps which are necessary for every user and sometimes secure their life. I encourage to download of this app on your mobile.

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