Common Computer Issues: Why Not Getting Formatted, Turning On Quickly

There are dozens of common problems faced frequently with our computers and we usually call hardware service provider to solve the issues, but you will save some money if you are able to repair those yourself. Below are three such basic guides which will be useful for you:

Common Computer Issues

Why Computer Is Not Getting Formatted

When your computer gets slow then you feel to format your PC, right ? And when you try to format it, your pc doesn’t get formatted due to some or the other reason, then it is the worst thing which you would experience. So, what are the reasons for your Computer not get formatted.

1. The CD/DVD with which you are trying to format is corrupted.
2. Your cd/dvd writer isn’t working properly.
3. Hardware doesn’t support the OS you are trying to install.
4. You don’t have valid key.
5. Hard disk got corrupted/damaged, get it repair or buy new one.
6. Your PC got hanged while installing, try again.
7. Processor got overheated and the system get restarted frequently.

Why Computer Not Turning On/Off Quickly

Have you ever wondered why is that your computer suddenly started reacting late when you turn it on or off ? The possible reasons for your not to computer turn on or off quickly are:

1. Too many startup programs.
2. Device manager is interrupting OS operations.
3. Processor is busy might be because you loaded too many programs and then suddenly clicking on shut down.
4. Some application might be updating itself.
5. Heavy applications are launched on startup.
6. You don’t have enough memory, RAM.
7. Your hardware became old and trying to cope up with new applications.

Why Computer Output Sound Failing

You must have observed sometimes that when you try to play a movie only video is going on without sound. So, I’m going to share the possible reasons for you not being able to hear the sound, and they are:

1. Your speakers are switched off, switch it on.
2. Your speaker isn’t connected properly to PC, see connections.
3. Your speakers are damaged, buy new speakers.
4. Your don’t have correct codecs to play the format of the video, download appropriate codecs
5. You haven’t installed audio drivers, install them.
6. The player doesn’t support that format fully, change player to vlc or gom
7. Your audio card is damaged, buy new one and install it.
8. Your sound control thing is in mute state.
9. The video doesn’t have sound, that it is muted video.

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