Common Technology Problems And Their Solutions

Some of the common complaints in technology world never seem to go away and you always land up re-complaining. Below are some of those common complaints and how you can overcome those without seeking any expert help from anyone. Do also share your own views with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

Common Technology Problems

Handling contacts

Losing contacts is one of the most common issues and the reason to it can be anything like damaging your smartphone or even losing it. You can also wipe the data of your handset accidentally.

Do you know that you can sync your smartphone contacts with your Gmail account and that too the syncing is automatic. In case you lose or damage your handset, the latest backup will be available.

You can also export the phonebook to CSV file, which can be edited, and you can keep the filed in cloud storage like Google Drive.

Wiping phone securely

Do you exactly know what to do with your old phone. Take a suggestion that before giving it to friend or relative, or even selling it for some money, make your personal data not accessible by others, any how. Usually people do a factory reset and then handover the device. Well, this is a wrong process as data can be recovered even by doing a factory reset.

It is suggested to copy random dummy data like random large video files and photos. This process will over-write the on-board storage and thereafter do a factory reset once again. Now, if anyone wants to extract data, the person will get only the dummy files.

If not, use iShredder app on your Android mobile to wipe all data securely.

Identifying fake SD cards

It is not an easy task to identify fake SD cards. To do, first check the official MRP label on the packaging. Genuine card will have all the details on the package including contact information and warranty information.

If not, download SD Insight from Play Store and know the details of the card. Run the app and you will come across all the details. The fake card will show unknown brand or incorrect capacity.

You can also check the card by checking the data transfer speeds. Download A1 SD Bench to run speed tests and compared the results online to identify differences.

So, don’t be scammed while buying the next SD card from market or online store.

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