Comparing The New Outlook With Hotmail

Comparing The New Outlook With Hotmail

Those who have had accounts in Hotmail are users of this email service for long. Today Microsoft has transitioned the Hotmail domain and merged it with Outlook. As all accounts in Hotmail are being upgraded to Outlook, there are new features and functions that await the Hotmail users who will get access to their email account on the new domain platform. At the time the Live campaign was launched, there was an option to switch back to the old interface of Hotmail. While the transition was introduced before, the existing Hotmail users had the option of holding onto their familiar old mail interface.

Today that option is no longer valid. And with the new features and functions available on Outlook there is no reason for any user to remain on the old interface. As Microsoft urges all hotmail login users to upgrade to the new platform, after a time all accounts will be upgraded automatically to the new mail platform of Outlook. If one is to compare the Hotmail features with Outlook features, they will find advanced features and functions as compared to the old Hotmail interface. At the time of transition, one will find their saved emails, calendars, rules and contacts remaining the same even in the new inbox. One also has the option to hold onto their existing Hotmail address in the new Outlook domain.

There are great handy tools to use in the Outlook domain:

The Sweep feature comes of use in organizing different emails in different folders.
There is a one click unsubscribe option which can help to keep all spam mails and mailers off your inbox if you wish to.
Archiving feature is new in the Outlook mail inbox.
There is a refreshed new look to the inbox.
The interface allows more messages to be looked at in one glance.
The new toolbar allows more tasks to be achieved with a few clicks.
Social media account updates and communication are possible with the same account.

The other comparisons are related to the services included in the same user ID. The Microsoft domain allows the users to gain access to all features with the same ID. The One Drive cloud service can be accessed through the same user ID. The email inbox is clubbed with this cloud service. As a result, large files and folders can be created for storage and sharing of files. Those who have Xbox can access the Xbox Live services with the same user ID. The app offered by Outlook for the different smart phones and tablets allows one to check their account on the go. The app allows easy download of mails, attachments, sending and receiving mails and staying in touch all the time. In these ways Hotmail users can benefit of the integration with Outlook and coming under the unified banner of services from Microsoft. The same email ID now becomes the login access to all Microsoft web based services.

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