Why Computer Geeks Love Picking Locks

Why Computer Geeks Love Picking Locks

When someone says they picking locks for fun, your first response could be holding your valuable possessions a little tighter. But lock picking is no longer a skill employed by delinquents alone.

Understanding the mechanism of locks is great exercise for your brain and helps build better problem solving skills, can potentially land you a job, save you money, and is quite impressive.

Lots of computer enthusiasts have found that the parallels between lock mechanisms and computers bring elements of the cyber world they love to life in the physical realm.

Lock Picking as a Hobby

Lock picking as a hobby might introduce you to an entire different world of security measures. After you have learned the basics, your brain immediately runs through ways to protect your belongings, just as a tech head would be sure their online information and computer was secure from hackers. It is normal for this thought to cross your mind, especially after you have so easily picked a lock you thought infallible.

There are a few general laws of lock picking you must abide by in order to deflect the assumptions mentioned before about lock picking.

  1. Do not pick a lock in current use
  2. Only pick locks that are your own, or you have permission to pick

You may be wondering why someone would be interested in this hobby, or what the draws are to picking up a bogota pick set to start your lock picking hobby.

Why Learn Lock Picking

There is a huge market for people with lock picking skills. Even if you aren’t a locksmith, several security companies hire people to test their businesses to help them be better prepared for security breaches and intruders. This draws parallels to the tech world, as businesses hire tech consultants to feel confident their information can’t be hacked in the virtual world.

Not only could your lock picking skills land you a job as a private contractor, but this skill is very practical. How often do you or someone you know lock themselves out of their house? Have you ever misplaced a key to a storage room you rarely use?

This is a huge draw for tech nerds because they oftentimes are the saviors of the office when something goes awry with a computer. Being able to unlock something in a dire situation and save someone’s butt in real life makes them feel that much more important.

Locks are equivalent to online and electronic security, seen as potential security flaws in real life. This parallel is why you see so many techies getting involved in the art of lock picking.

Lock picking is a very practical tool to have in your skill set no doubt. As well as being very useful, lock picking is very impressive to nearly everyone that doesn’t hold the same super power as you. Talk about having the coolest party trick ever!

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