How To Cut Costs On Technology And Save For Retirement, Or Buy Better Beer

Isn’t technology today cost you too much and mostly because you readily agree to pay for it. Damn. Just stop the practice.

cost of technology

Month after month you are surrender good volume of your income to the cable companies and wireless carriers. Almost every year you plunk down heavy money for a new Apple’s iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Remember that these dollars can end up in your retirement accounts in the long run. If not, in the short run you would pay for better quality beer with it. Consider your priorities.

Do you notice more than half of the country has dumped their landline phone service and replaced it with mobile devices that cost far steeper wireless bills every month.

The worst is the cost of home broadband that has become a necessary part of our life. You may be parting with around $200 each month for its utility bills. Cut back.

It is highly suggested for starters not to be an early adopter.

Being a starter means you need to pay premium. If you are not spontaneous and can control your emotion in achieving the latest gadget, you may pay half of its price after about a year of its launching.

More to this, ask the dude who bought Google Glass, Amazon Fire Phone, Microsoft’s Zune, a Windows phone or a Segway. They had a very bitter experience. These gadgets arrived with premium price and were later listed in the list of flop devices in the world.

Experts suggest to start cutting with the monthly bills. There are comparison sites where you can find the difference between one wireless carrier with another. The signal coverage now tends to be almost same across your town or city. So the price should matter here. Go for the cheapest one that offers the same package, including voice and data.

You can also trim your monthly payout on TV services. Cut the cord and go for video from Hulu and Netflix. There are other service providers too.

Every time when you come across a new gadget or a new tech device that lures you, wait for some months, at least two or three, to read reviews, rather real reviews, of those who have used it paying premium. If the reviews are like 4 Star out of Five, it is a green signal for you to buy it. If not, wait for some more months, if still it lures you, to buy at reduced price, or buy from rival manufacturers at lower price.

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