What You Get In Essential Phone

Essential phone is the latest buzz in the market and the creator, Andy Rubin, claims it to be the best high-end device. It is priced high and is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea. Let’s find out what you are getting in the phone.

essential phone


The Essential phone comes with an edge-to-edge display, leaving just a very narrow chin on the bottom and wrapping around the selfie camera on the top. The 5.7-inch is however not curved like the Samsung Galaxy S8, but stands apart from other Android smartphones with a larger feel in the hand compared to the LG G6 and Galaxy S8.


The phone is made of titanium band with a ceramic back. The company claims Essential is more damage resistant compared to other smartphones currently available in the market.

Dual Camera

Essential Phone

The rear side of Essential phone is mounted with two 13-megapixel cameras to make use of a monochrome sensor and employ the second one in a telephoto fashion to get more distinct depth-of-field in the photos. Prior to this, two smartphones from the stable of Huawei used similar monochrome sensor concept. Experts believe the lenses will snap better color and detail, even in low light. Monochrome lens is said to capture up to 200 percent more light than other lenses. It comes with a 8-megapixel front camera.


The Essential phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 platform and comes with a 4GB RAM. It is equipped with a 128 GB of onboard storage and fueled by a 3040 mAh battery. It has fingerprint sensor too and comes logo-free anywhere.

Carrier support

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Essential is being supported by all the major carriers in the United States.

High price tag

Essential phone unlocked is priced tagged at $699 and this is something really expensive for a new device. It will not be for everyone.

No waterproofing

The phone has little resistance to water as no such water proof feature has been announced for the Essential phone.

No 3.5mm headphone jack

Essential phone is with the trend and is following Apple by ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the idea is not good as it is too early to make the important feature vanish suddenly and favor Bluetooth wireless headphone.


Android creator Andy Rubin is surely trying new things with its debuted Essential phone, but need to see how market accepts the device.

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