Honeywell Humidifier, Lasko Humidifier filter and accessories

Honeywell Humidifier

As a protection during drier times, we often get indoors, with everything closed except the heater. That’s when the air inside the house or a room becomes dry. And indoor dry air is unhealthy. They help viruses multiply and cause illnesses. A Honeywell humidifier helps solve this dilemma by putting humidity in the air and emit fresh and purified air through its Honeywell humidifier filter.

Honeywell Humidifier

Honeywell humidifier filters help Honeywell humidifier units work overtime not only to humidify the air in a room or house when it is tightly closed, but also help freshen and purify the air of pollutants, bad odors, and harmful minerals that not only releases dust in the air but may clog up the humidifier units. Harmful minerals in the air caused by unpurified water in humidifiers may also ruin house furniture. So a Honeywell humidifier filter keeps minerals in water from being released into the air.

Honeywell humidifier filters come with Protec antimicrobial protection to thwart accumulation, increase, and transfer or emission of germs, bacteria, molds, and other microbes from the filter, into the humidifier, and into the air. The release and proliferation of such microbes from the device is what causes an unhealthy air stimulated from a humidifier. Honeywell humidifier filters with their antimicrobial protection prevent this harmful release into the air.

Honeywell humidifier filters may have some color change with prolonged use. The more the water used is heavy with minerals and other impurities, the more the filter is susceptible to quick color change. But this in natural. Honeywell humidifier filters are best to be replaced every two months for maximum humidifier performance and long life. Proper maintenance plus other Honeywell humidifier filter accessories will help keep the device fit.

Honeywell humidifier filters are constructed with reinforced materials for optimum performance and longer life span of the filters. When changing the filters, it is important to keep the hands dry for safety and sanitary precautions. A Honeywell humidifier filter is fitted with dry lift handles for this purpose. Other components that come with Honeywell humidifier filters are Honeywell replacement pads, Honeywell replacement humidifier wick filter (which is a very important part of a Honeywell humidifier filter), and replacement filters for cool moisture humidifiers.

Keeping air in the house or a room balanced in humidity and purity is the specialty of Honeywell humidifier filters. They help humidify, purify, and deodorize air in the immediate surroundings. The secret is in the proper maintenance of the filters, plus a lot of help from its accessories.

Lasko Humidifiers

Humidifier parts are usually available in the market to restore existing humidifiers and prevent owners from purchasing new ones. One type of humidifier parts is the humidifier filter. There are different kinds of humidifier filters for different models of humidifiers. In this regard, let us identify some humidifier filters that support Lasko humidifier models.

Lasko Humidifier

The “Lasko THF8 Replacement Wick Humidifier Filter” supports the “Lasko Natural Cascade” humidifier models 1129 and 1128. This Lasko humidifier filter is a product of RPS Products and can be returned within one month if there are damages with regard to its fit and function. Consumers are recommended to buy twelve or six filters in order to avail of the discount. This Lasko humidifier filter is priced at $6.68 per piece if six pieces are purchased and is priced at $5.67 per piece if twelve pieces are purchased. Otherwise, a single purchase will cost a consumer $9.99.

The two-pack “Lasko THF11 Replacement Wick Humidifier Filter” is a Lasko humidifier filter that supports models 1120 and 1100 of the “Lasko Natural Cascade” humidifier. Also manufactured by RPS Products, this Lasko humidifier filter also fits models of other brands, such as the White-Westinghouse humidifier model WWL-11. A single package of this Lasko humidifier filter costs $7.99, whereas consumers can get a discount if they purchase 6 packages or 12 packages of this Lasko humidifier filter. A package will only cost $5.14 when 6 packages are bought, and a package will only cost $4.35 when 12 packages are bought. RPS Products also offer a money-back guarantee within a month if there are damages as far as the fit and function of this Lasko humidifier model are concerned.

There is also a two-pack Lasko humidifier filter called the “Lasko THF13 Replacement Wick Humidifier Filter.” The “Lasko Natural Cascade” humidifier models where this Lasko humidifier filter fits into include models 1140 and 1130. Just like the abovementioned Lasko humidifier filters, this is also a replacement filter produced by RPS Products. This Lasko humidifier filter can also be returned within 30 days if there are fit and function problems. Consumers are also recommended to purchase six or twelve packages of this Lasko humidifier filter in order to save money. If consumers will purchase 6 packages, they will be saving $2.99 per package or a total of $17.94. If consumers decide to buy 12 packages, savings will even be higher. They will save $4.37 per package or a total of $52.44. A single pack of this Lasko humidifier filter actually costs $11.99.

Another Lasko humidifier filter manufactured by RPS Products is the “Lasko THF15 Replacement Wick Humidifier Filter.” This Lasko humidifier filter also has a 1-month money back guarantee if problems with regard to its fit and function occur. The “Lasko Natural Cascade “ humidifier models that this Lasko humidifier filter supports include models 1050, 1000, 1155 and 1150. Apparently, discounts may also be availed if Lasko humidifier filters are purchased by bulk, which may be in 6 or 12 pieces. When consumers buy 6 filters at a time, they will only pay $33.3 for the entire purchase. When they buy 12 filters at a time, the total cost will only be $60.6. In other words, consumers can save at least $2.44 and $2.94, respectively, per package because a single purchase of this Lasko humidifier filter is worth $7.99.

These Lasko humidifier filters can be ordered via the Internet and delivered on the same business day.

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