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How To Download WhatsAppWeb

Today WhatsApp is an application that has taken the world of messaging by storm. With the instant messaging application, it is possible to stay in touch with friends, loved ones and colleagues across the world. A program that started off as an Android app is now available for all mobile platforms. What’s more, it has defied all network hurdles as it simply needs a wireless or data connectivity to allow one to stay in touch with their contacts on the app.

How To Download WhatsAppWeb

Today WhatsApp has a new version, for the desktops. This app or instant messaging device is available for use on a Mac or any PC. There are certain limitations and requirements of the application that one needs to understand before trying to use the web version of the IM service:

It will work with Google Chrome.
For mobile platforms, it is available for Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows phone users. The corresponding netbooks and tablet will also run this application.

For those who are looking to get the web version on their desktops or laptops, they need to use Google Chrome or have it as an option for web browser. Once the Chrome browser is installed, then only will the application run on this platform. The official site of the web version of WhatsApp is https://web.whatsapp.com. This site also offers a QR code to be scanned and downloaded via the smart phone.

For those who are using the application on their smart phone, they will be given updates to the application from time to time. Those who have updated the app lately will be able to find the web feature embedded in the app. When one browses the mobile application, they will find the feature in the Menu shown in the top right.

Once you have activated the whatsapp web profile through the web browser Google Chrome, you will find that the chat window opens up and takes up the whole screen. The features of the web version are as follows:

The interface is simple and clutter free.
The contacts are on the left.
Chat window takes up most of the screen.
All emoticons are retained for use.
Photos and videos can be sent easily through the web interface.

You need to know that the web version works in sync with your phone. Hence, your phone needs to be on and connected via data or wireless connectivity for WhatsApp Web to work. In that way it is a companion app for a smart phone and not a standalone app. However, the web version makes it more convenient to use the application. One does not have to download platforms like Bluestack to get the application running on their laptop.

There are many office work groups and other groups that are formed by people on WhatsAapp. Even preschools offer updates to parents through this messenger service. For the large scale popularity of the application, the web version will take it a step further in popularity and allow the users to stay in touch with others even while they are working on their desktops.

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