How to Save Roaming Charges While Traveling in Europe

roaming How to Save Roaming Charges While Traveling in Europe

Are you traveling to Europe anytime soon? You may want to consider getting a Prepaid SIM Card for Europe from SimOptions. It’s the easiest & most affordable solution to stay connected to 4G high-speed internet all over Europe.

As a tourist abroad, it is an annoyance to search for a free Wi-Fi connection at one of those famous fast-food chains or to rely on your Hotel’s Wi-Fi. Another inconvenience is that you will always overpay when purchasing a SIM Card targeted at tourists only.

sim options europe How to Save Roaming Charges While Traveling in Europe

SimOptions – The unique, affordable SIM Card marketplace for international travelers

The team at SimOptions consists of young, dynamic entrepreneurs who came to realize during their own trips abroad that they kept turning off their smartphones to avoid the high data roaming charges. Yet the smartphone is an essential item for traveling abroad – navigate through unknown cities with Google Maps, enjoy the best food around with the help of TripAdvisor community or quickly translate something on the fly to easily overcome any language barrier.

SimOptions was founded shortly after – A unique SIM Card marketplace that provides Prepaid Travel SIM Cards from well-established SIM card provider all around the world – Orange, Three, AIS, TrueMove, Vodafone and more. SimOptions does not require any documentation which extremely simplifies the SIM card ordering process. All SIM Cards offered are fixed prices without any hidden extra charges or contracts.

Just recently, SimOptions announced a new addition of their “Three” SIM Card. The previous SIM Card package included 12GB Data in 4G LTE, 3,000 Min Calls & 3,000 SMS within Europe for US$39.90. The new package contains the same amount of Calls & SMS but comes with a reduced data volume of 5GB for as little as US$29.90. Perfect for travelers with a limited budget and those who do not view themselves as heavy-data users. Both Smart Silver (5GB) & Smart Gold (12GB) use the Three mobile network and work impeccable across Europe.

The Europe SIM Card Advantages

Check out the reasons why you need to try out this SIM card when exploring Europe:

  • 5GB / 12GB Data in 4G LTE
  • 3,000 Min Calls & 3,000 SMS included in both packages
  • Valid for 30 days after the first usage
  • No contract required
  • No hidden costs or roaming charges
  • No registration needed

europe How to Save Roaming Charges While Traveling in Europe

A convenient way to travel through Europe

Image this for a moment – You’ve just spent hours sitting on a long-haul flight and you can’t wait to get out of the plane. All you want to do now is to tell your friends & family that you have safely arrived in Europe – but wait…you don’t even have mobile internet access yet. Instead of wasting your limited holiday hours looking for a SIM card and wait for the registration process, you can simply order a SIM from SimOptions before you even leave to Europe.  The SIM card will be delivered right to your home, including the manual and further instructions. It is already pre-registered and will work right away.

Let’s be real – Even though you may not use the internet access as much as you would being back home (as you are hopefully sight-seeing or relaxing at the beach), it is still a great security to know to have easy access to the internet. It enables you to deal with unexpected incidents or other emergencies. It will give you a tremendous peace of mind which alone is already worth the slight extra expense.

If you are planning to use the mobile internet in Europe, be sure to grab one of those SIM Cards. Depending on your Internet Service Provider, the roaming charges can range anywhere from US$8 to US$50 per GB.

SimOptions promises that they will not charge you any extra costs. The SIM cards with the Data, Calls & Text packages are offered at a fixed price. Neither a monthly contract nor a registration is needed to receive the SIM Card.

How to get started

Once you have received the SIM Card, you can insert it into your smartphone but I’d recommend to only turn on the mobile data function on your phone as soon as you land in Europe. Turning on the mobile data will activate the SIM Card. After the activation process, the SIM Card is valid for exactly 30 days.

If you are worried about if the data volume provided is enough for you, I suggest you check your current data consumption for the past 30 days to get an estimate of how much data you really need. You can easily find this in the settings of your phone.

For those of you who are planning a longer trip in Europe, I’d recommend purchasing a second SIM Card. Once you ran out of data or the 30 days have passed, simply activate your second SIM.

If you have been looking around already for a Europe SIM Card to fully enjoy your trip, then the both Smart Silver & Smart Gold from SimOptions are the best internet solutions that are currently available on the market.

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