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Macphun Launched a Beta Window Version of Popular Luminar Software

Macphun Launched a Beta Window Version of Popular Luminar Software

Earlier in 2017, Macphun announced that it will be releasing this popular photography software in a version for Windows after totally focusing on the Mac up until that time. Well, that time has come as the company has made the first move by launching a free public beta version for Windows of Luminar software.

What is Luminar 

What exactly is Luminar – this is a new photo editing program which is very powerful and is a direct competitor to Adobe Lightroom. The developed model that is fully developed includes photo library as well as catalog features and will be coming shortly.

1st ever for Windows 

This is first-ever software by Macphun for Windows, bring this company into a new age of serving not just Mac photographers but also Windows.

Introduced in 2016 

Introduced in 2016, Luminar was developed to be a flexible but powerful photo editor that can be customized for any skill levels of photographers. For example, if you need the editing tools and features for RAW these are the most advanced. But if you are just starting in photography and want to get a better feeling for its basic controls, your workspace is able to be adjusted for that as well.

What Luminar currently has 

Currently Luminar presently has over 300 various tools to use with your photos. There are:

  • 50 one-click presets
  • 40 photo filters for editing
  • Supports latest RAW file changes
  • Editing that is non-destructive

Features not ready 

There are some features of the Mac version of Luminar that are still being worked on and are not available yet in the beta window edition. These include:

  • Workspaces
  • Support for plug-ins
  • Removal of Objects
  • Reduction of Noise

These features are on plans for addition to the public beta when the complete Windows version is released later in the year.

Following other footsteps 

Macphun is tracing the path that Affinity Photo took in 2016 November launching the free Windows beta of its Photoshop alternative and was quite popular. You can now download the free Macphun Luminar beta version of Window by clicking here and entering your email address.

Questions to work on 

First you need to decide for yourself if you need a powerful software photo editing when you only take pictures with your cell phone. Have you been unable to find something that works just as well for you? And are you willing to work with a Beta version that more than likely with have lots of problems in it?

Beta testing 

This is a vital phase of developing successful software packages. Beta testing includes a lot of issues and bugs – so if you don’t want to deal with this part of beta testing, it is best to not get involved. And they are getting your input for free – you are testing a product that will probably make a huge amount of money for the company that is developing but you are testing this – for free!

While you are using the beta version, you will need to activate it with a unique activation code. They will send that code via email. There are some tutorial sessions you can get up and running.

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