What Methods To Be Followed For Data Backup And Data Recovery

“Everything is just a story until it happens to us”, this is most powerful and relevant phrase for every business in data recovery. The best data protection incorporates the ability to retrieve most critical data at first and less critical information next. When you lost everything even entire system, your solution should take necessary action in this manner only. So here is our compilation of best methods of data backup and recovery.

Data Recovery

Reliability: Use disk to disk technology for backup

Up to 70% of restoring method that takes places using tape contains failure. So always try to use disk-to-disk technology. Because these disk drives are more reliable compare to tapes. When the backup completes, it will be very secure and accessible very safely.

Security: Use End-to-End encryption method

Nearly 60% of the organization uses tapes that don’t encrypt the backup files. When you are doing encryption for your backup data it will take so much time to complete, so most of the people simply turn of encryption mode. Even disk to disk backup encryption is very essential, because it ensures security to your data. Try to find encryption method that done at the time of transmission and storage. Make sure that nobody can view your data.

Accessibility: Find the company that can get your data with minimal time delay

Most of the companies waste their time for waiting to recover their information. You must have direct access to your backup data, without any time spent for physical transport. Your restoring should take only few minutes to complete and not an hours or days. Assign yourself to work with your data and don’t wait for it. Always make sure that your data provider can meet your recovery objectives with quick manner.

Scalability: Invest something in protecting your data with scalable in nature

Lot of time you can’t able to take back up your data because of its large sizes. It is not matter how large or small your data is, you should invest some time and amount for your protection when it grows time to time. Find the right place where you can manage your complex information and baking up.

Cost effectiveness: Compare your cost of tape based backup and disk-disk backup

Some of the companies lose an average of $80,000 for every lost activity, i.e. compared to tape backup, disk-to-disk backup is very cost-effective. Because disk backup requires only zero handling cost and no other steps to do it. Also breach of failure rate is very less compared to tape based recovery.

Disaster Recovery: Find the company that delivers a complete full package of disaster recovery solution

You are not able to say your data protection is over until then disaster recovery plan is tested successfully. Your choosing company should have both professional service team and product mix to help you to prepare at your worst case scenario. It’s always best one to find the company who can help you to come up at the time of disaster.

Reputation: Find the vendor who having strong financial background and customer references

When choosing the company for your data recovery service you should check their financial and customer preferences. Because the customer reviews and references will eventually shows the reputation of the company you chosen.

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