Mistakes To Avoid When Converting Emails

Mistakes To Avoid When Converting Emails

Email is one of the tools we use on a daily basis nowadays. There is little surprise in it, because even just an average user has their email tied to a number of services and sign-ups, and use the email for buying stuff. In case you use email for the job, communicate with partners or clients, email s even more important, and you do not want to lose any bit of data stored there. If you run a business yourself or manage a project, then email is totally crucial.

Despite this, many people register their emails on cheap and spammy services, and sooner or later they face the necessity to transfer the whole digital post box to a different provider. This is huge stress itself, but what many of the users do in addition to this is take a decision to do the whole thing manually instead of using a paid assistant. Believe us, you want to use high quality and tested software when you convert Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook or something like this. And yet, if you are not persuaded, check out what mistakes to avoid when you transfer the emails manually. These same mistakes will be prevented if using a paid assistant.

The Main Mistakes

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The first mistake every thrifty user makes is to sort out all the old emails to find and delete the ones they do not need any more, like old iterations, orders, or promotions. However, this is a very useless work, and you will definitely grow tired after 20 minutes of sorting all these old messages. Do not do this, at least not manually.

If using an assistant, you can turn on a filter that enables you to delete all messages older than 1 year, or 3 years, or whatever. Let’s be honest, if you have not recalled about them until today, you do not need those any more.

The next mistake every user makes is copying the email addresses manually. In most cases, you are likely to miss out a huge chunk of data, because, again, most of us do not add all addresses we use to the address book in the email provider. We just copy and past them, use iterations and auto fit, and never bother ourselves with saving this information particularly. So, when you just copy your address list, these are likely to be addresses you used years ago, when you cared about including them into the whitelist.

If you care to use an assistant, it will collect the addresses you actually use often, regardless of whether they are added to the list of not. The same with iterations – it will take you ages to copy and paste those, and the result will be total mess. These are the main reasons to use software for email transfer.


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  • Muhammad Zaid

    I also recommend moving unwanted emails into spam instead of trash. This will prevent the same sender from popping up on your inbox again.

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