Novelty Electronic Signature Solutions with SignNow

Novelty Electronic Signature Solutions with SignNow

All the modern companies that want to move with the times spend a lot of money and effort to adopt new electronic resources. During the last years, the majority of businesses have started converting all their official documentation into electronic formats for utility and enhanced performance. It is much easier to work with electronic documents than with their physical copies. Such files are also more versatile. Nevertheless, digitalization does not stop with converting all the documents and storing them somewhere in the database or the cloud. You should be able to sign PDF document or any other format digitally as well.

It is crucial to incorporate additional software for smooth and convenient work with digital documents. SignNow is a flexible high-quality program that allows working with electronic documents efficiently. The main objective of SignNow is to provide handy solutions for writing electronic signatures. In addition, the service offers simple editing of the files, mailing them to the recipients, collecting signatures and other information, receiving files, and more. The numerous reviews of SignNow make it evident how the workflow enhances after incorporating this software for business processes.

The Benefits of Installing SignNow Software and Utilizing It in Your Business

To make a paper official, it is necessary to sign it appropriately. Whereas it is easy to sign physical papers manually, electronic documents require special software. Without a proper program for writing digital signatures, you will have to waste a lot of time on printing the papers, signing them, and digitalizing once again. Of course, these time-consuming procedures reflect negatively on general productivity.

To solve this issue, it is advised to use SignNow. This software is easy to operate, and it provides a variety of convenient resources for dealing with digitalized papers. These are the major pros of choosing SignNow for your enterprise:

  •  Overall simplicity – one of the pressing issues of integrating new software in the company’s operations is the necessity to learn and adjust to it. SignNow solves this problem by providing an easy to understand the program, and its integration becomes smooth and quick. There is no need to arrange special training for the employees and waste additional time and money. It is simple to start working with SignNow after picking it up for the first time.
  •  Accessibility for everyone – there are many people apart from those working in the firm who have to utilize the e-signature program. Business partners and clients often have to sign documents as well, which calls for making such software more accessible. SignNow is user-friendly, and it will remain convenient for everyone.
  •  Wide availability – in many situations, it is important to have instant access to various documents. Often, the software is available on computers only, which causes many inconveniences. SignNow is a program available on multiple platforms, from PCs and laptops to mobile phones and tablets. The portable devices running on iOS and Android support this software, and you can sign and manage documents at all times.

Novelty Electronic Signature Solutions with SignNow1

  •  Increased protection –to protect the confidentiality of business documentation, SignNow provides enhanced security solutions. Multiple levels of encryption protect your files from leaking and hacker attacks.

The Features Available in SignNow Program

SignNow is multipurpose software that allows not only making simple signatures on digital documents but also editing them and distributing across the company and outside. Having a single software with multiple features instead of a set of programs is more convenient and quick. Here are various features you can find in SignNow:

  •  An assortment of signing methods – thanks to the digital solution, you can choose the way of signing your papers. It is possible to draw your signature with a mouse, stylus, or finger, upload a picture of an already existing signature, or simply write down your full name. Any of the new signatures can be stored for later in the database and used quickly for signing other papers.

The Features Available in SignNow Program

  •  Requesting attachments – in case you need to collect any other papers from someone, there is no need to send a separate e-mail with a request. There is an option of requesting an attachment together with the paper you are forwarding for signing. This file can be finalized only when signed and with a demanded file enclosed;
  •  Customizable fields – there are various tools for redacting documents apart from adding signatures. Certain customizable spaces can be inserted in the file, and they will be the only modifiable options for the recipients. If you just need to collect a signature, you can insert a signing field and even choose the required type of the signature. There are also text boxes for any text, date and time fields with customizable date formats, checkboxes for easy listing, and more.;
  •  Staying notified – you can configure the files designated for signing in a way that you will see a notification after each paper is finalized. This option is helpful for monitoring all the documentation and not forgetting any file in the continuous workflow.

Picking SignNow Services for Your Enterprise

Achieving maximum efficiency requires incorporating high-quality software and other tools in your company. With convenient and fast solutions provided by SignNow, you will benefit from increased productivity and smooth workflow. Both employees and business owners working with SignNow mention in their reviews how beneficial it is for the business.

Companies in different sectors, both in small businesses and on a larger scale, can enjoy the advantages of SignNow. With this program, the process of managing all the documentation will become considerably easier and more efficient.

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