How To Protect Your Smartphone From Malware And Virus

Mobile devices are regularly on threat from malware and there are several programs with which you can protect your smartphones from malware / virus. Mentioned below are some basic yet important tips about how to keep your cell phone devices safe from cybercriminals.


Download apps from reliable stores

This is very important. It is highly suggested to download apps only from reliable sources if you don’t want to risk your smartphone. Companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung have their own app stores. Same is with your service providers. They keep monitoring and scanning fraudulent or dangerous programs so that malicious apps do not slip through the cracks and land on your smartphone, tablets and other such devices.

Be careful of suspicious apps

Recently there has been a wave of news about ransomeware under which the hackers invades your system and locks the file to negotiate with you in terms of ransom to unlock and return back your data. However, Apple Store and Google Play store are continuously monitoring on such fraudulent apps, which is nothing but a spamming service. Suspicious apps usually make outrageous promises, write bad reviews and have sketchy app permissions. Be careful if you find such apps and don’t download.

Remain away from pirated apps

Many times user try to install pirated apps instead of using the original and authentic version from authentic app stores. This action is risky as most of the pirated apps contain malware.

Use of antivirus apps

Do not forget this. It is smart to use antivirus. However, it is still difficult to understand which antivirus apps are good to keep your mobile or tablet away from danger. Well, you can trust on apps from Avast, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Sophos, AVG, Norton, TrendMicro, TurstGo and Lookout. Though the last two are newcomer in the segment, but independent IT security institute AV-Test earlier this year ranked both as top two antivirus programs on Android platform.

Remember, senior e-threat analyst Bogdan Botezatu for security firm BitDefender had warned earlier in an interview with CNET that malware is now more accessible than ever before as “no coding is required to bind Android apps with malicious programs.” So, be careful, be cautious and protect your smartphones from malware / virus with the above briefed few tips. Remember, providing security to your device is your responsibility.

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