5 Simple Steps to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive

Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive

There are cases when you may accidentally delete your old files in the external hard drive. Well, the problem is if you actually still need them and want those data to be back. So, what should you do?

Seagate, on the other hand, is one of the biggest suppliers of digital storage in the world. This company is well-known to produce the high-quality hard drive with various capacities. This way, the users of Seagate products also come from many realms whether the hard drive is for personal or professional needs.

Although Seagate hard drive is indeed qualified and highly recommended, it doesn’t mean that users can avoid problems like losing data. So, how to do Seagate file recovery properly and safely?

Download the Data Recovery Software

Yes, it is almost impossible for you to recover the data or file without any supporting software. Recover it is one of the software available out there that is suggested for you for its easiness and accurateness. For you the Mac users, you should download Recoverit for Mac data recovery.

Recoverit is able to recover any data that have been lost from Seagate. It is no matter how the data lost previously, whether it is caused by the virus attack, corruption, or purposive deletion; it is possible for this software to bring them back to you.

You can download the free trial version first. Then, install it to your PC by double-clicking the app and then follow the instructions given.

Choose the Type of Files

Open or launch the software. When the window has been displayed, go to the Wizard Recovery Mode and set it up as the default. Next, there are two simple questions to answer that basically ask you which file to be recovered. For Seagate recovery, make sure that the hard disk has been plugged into your PC.

There are then some types of the file displayed; they are Photo/ Graphic, MP3, Audio, Video, Office Document, Email, and All File Types. Choose one of them and click next.

Choose the Device

The next question to come out is “Where did you lose your files?”. Again, some options are displayed. There are all the storages in your PC including the external storages that have been connected. If your intention is Seagate external hard drive recovery, sure, it means you need to click the option External Removable Devices.

Interestingly, there is also an option intended for you who forget where the lost files are. For this problem, you can choose the options of “I can’t remember” or “I can’t find my partitions.” After making sure where the files previously saved, click next.

Preview Seagate Date Recovery

Preview Seagate Date Recovery

It is reasonable if you cannot remember clearly how the lost data look like. Therefore, Recoverit simply gives the preview before the recovery process. Just after clicking Next button mentioned in the previous point, the software automatically scans the disk. All the lost data are displayed and previewed.

To make you sure whether the data to be recovered are right or wrong, click the data to see the preview. Sure, it is not bad for you to check them one by one mainly if many of the data have similar names.

At this point, there are some tips to fasten the previewing process. First, before recovery, you can use the feature Filter to search for your important files. This way, the data coming out are only those containing the keywords or names you have submitted before.

Second, it is much better to create special folders for the recovered data and even the backups, particularly if the files are very important.

Recover Them

Just after previewing the files and then you have been so sure that those are the data you are looking for, click Recover button. There is another window that leads you to save the file. Choose the folder you have been created before. Then, your lost data have been found and you can use them as you want.


Losing the files from Seagate hard drive is not that puzzling. You only need to install the right Seagate recovery software; in this case, it is Recoverit. Then, anytime you lost your data, you can just find them back. Sure, being careful in treating your data is also not less important anyway.


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