Review: Periscope app for iOS – Shoot, stream together live

The Periscope for iOS is one of the best apps now to shoot and watch live streaming video. One more best and important part of this app is that it comes for free.

The app constantly update list of live streams for users to browse. The interface is easy-to-understand and moreover it is exciting to see what is happing in other parts of the world at current time.

Review -Periscope app for iOS - Shoot, stream together live

Analysts believe the Periscope may probably become next big thing on any platform though it is currently only available on iOS for iPhone.

Released in mid-February, the Periscope skyrocketed immediately and became one of the most popular apps in the list.

The app allows setting up a live video shoot by adding title and also gives the option whether user wants to share it with other users of the same platform by adding location to let others know from where the shooting is taking place. More to all these, audience members can also comment on the live video that could be seen by other members at the bottom of the screen.

Audience members can also ‘like’ the video by just touching anywhere on the screen. This way any live video streaming becomes a conversation and user can interact with their audience while they are watching it.

Once the live video is over, user can either choose to save it on the camera roll or make it available for replay so that others who have missed it can watch, the replays just stay for 24 hours only. However, one can thereafter find it from the profile of user and watch all the Periscopes that has been shot.

Critics say this app will be game changer. Do you think the same? Do share your own views with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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