The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2017

The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2017

2017 has been a great year for video marketing, so it’s valuable for any business to research what the best video marketing trends were for the year. This will help jumpstart the coming year’s marketing ventures and keep your business at least one step ahead of the competition. All the featured marketing trends that soared this year are all about refinement, detail, flashy new platforms, and high technology—without being costly. Here’s our list of the smartest video marketing trends in 2017.

Quality over quantity

According to the BBC, the average attention span is around eight seconds, which means you’ve only got a short time frame to capture your viewer’s attention! While this may seem too short, eight seconds can be plenty of time to get your point across in a succinct and captivating way. It’s a fundamental video marketing practice to create quality video content by making sure the beginning of the video is attention-grabbing with clear and quality footage. Also consider adding subtitles to your videos, as most users won’t have the sound on when scrolling through their newsfeed. Keep in mind that this eight second grab doesn’t have to feel cheap or clickbait-y, which are qualities that the viewer can pick up on right away. Use the same quality content you would regardless of attention spans, just with a punchier impact right from the start.

360-Degree Videos

360-degree videos are in high demand right now, both in recreational and professional circles. These videos are exceptional ways to give your audience a real insight into your business and product, especially if you’re creating an explainer video in Melbourne. Users want to experience virtual reality through the screens of their smart phones, and 360-degree videos are an optimized way to do just that. They are meant to feel life-like, like someone is standing directly in front of you, which makes the experience more personal and thus builds relationships between brands and consumers before the buying process even begins.

You Have To Be On YouTube

The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2017

If your brand audience includes millennials, then YouTube is an absolute must. Creating a YouTube strategy should be one of the top social media marketing elements in your marketing plan, as more than ever younger audiences take to Youtube over TV for their daily dose of entertainment. Youtube channels that post videos at a regular schedule are more than likely to keep their interaction growing as they continue to share pieces of the brand story through each new video. The videos don’t have to be more than a few minutes long—what’s most important is consistency.

Live Streaming

Facebook Live is the newest trend in video marketing and it’s taking social media by storm. Whether you answer your audience’s burning questions on the spot, or show them behind the scenes, or let them in on exclusive updates, It’s a super effective way to interact with your audience and brand. Choosing when to go live on Facebook is through trial and error of your business, but Facebook Live during mid-afternoon or the evening (after dinner) will work best for the amount of people you will attract online.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has taken a little step back since the rise of social media, but incorporating solid video content into your emails is a definitive way to rekindle your relationships with your subscribed emailing list. Rather than pointing customers and users to a blog page (which I’m sure they won’t have much time to read all the way through) send them to your video, which will tell your story in a fraction of the time.

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