Technologies that make life easier and more comfortable for the elderly

Life can be difficult for older members of our society. Older citizens may not be able to do things they were once able to do. As we get older there is also a greater chance older people will suffer from various illnesses which can reduce their independence or make it more difficult to complete fairly simple tasks. Despite this various modern technologies are being used to make life easier for the elderly so that they can live a more comfortable, enjoyable and sociable life.

Technologies that make life easier and more comfortable for the elderly
Technologies that make life easier and more comfortable for the elderly

Heating solutions

In colder countries many older people perish in their homes from the cold every winter. This is a preventable problem. Older people are affected by the cold more than younger people. Every elderly person should be able to live in comfort and warmth in their later years. Modern heating systems are designed to be energy efficient especially if you are using fuels like Billig Briketter. When you burn Billig Briketter it will also reduce the amount of harmful by products other fuels produce such as coal and other fossil fuels.

Moving from one place to another easily

People become less mobile as they get older. Simple activities like climbing the stairs or taking a walk in the fresh air are impossible tasks for many people. Many people feel like prisoners in their own homes. However stair lift technology has changed the way many people go from one area of their home to another. Stylish straight and curved stair lifts are available with a range of options available including a comfortable seat, sensitive remote control for weaker users, digital displays showing the lifts status, safety sensors, swivel seats and much more. Mobility scooters and similar products also give older people a sense of independence outside the home.

Video technology

Loneliness is a big problem for older people. They may have lost their partner, lost contact with friends or family members may be living a long distance away. This has a profound effect on older people and is often one of the reasons people age quicker and fall into poor health. Video technology has changed this scenario for many older people. Skype, Google Talk and similar video conferencing technologies help bridge an important gap for many elderly people. They can interact with other people in the same situation, friends and family members.

Security and safety

Another key concern is safety and security in the home. Many older citizens worry about being burgled, fires, dangerous gases or being attacked in their homes, especially if they live alone. However, new technologies such as video, sensors, detectors, alarms and mobile technology are being used to make homes as safe as they possible can for the elderly. Depending on budget, it’s possible to get extremely advanced security systems. These systems will alert the elderly person and emergency services if there is a fire, intruder or other safety concern. Video also lets older people see who is visiting through CCTV, video doorbells and other useful security devices.


In the past, many science fiction movies depicted a life in the future that would have robots playing a key role. This prediction is starting to come true as domestic robots are now being used to carry out many tasks around the home. These robots are the perfect solution for older people who may not be as nimble or energetic as they once were. Robot vacuum cleaners are an example of these machines which are helping the elderly with everyday tasks. As this technology develops further, robots will be used to carry out more tasks around the house.

Growing old can be frightening, lonely experience for many people. In times gone by this problem was even worse with many elderly individuals having to suffer in silence, with very little contact or help from the outside world. The latest technologies have prevented many people today from suffering this faith. We are more connected than ever and the latest technologies let older people keep in touch with the outside world. New technologies have also made older people more independent, giving them the opportunity to live a relatively normal life in their own homes.

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