The 5 Best Writing Apps for Android and iOs

Being students one think that you have to do regularly is writing. Students get burdened with a number of essays, assignments and so on everyday and ignoring them is impossible. Completing these tasks require a lot of hardwork and research. One also needs to have a good amount of writing experience to do these things. Another important thing is to have a really nice writing app which can help you bring the best in you.

Nowadays, students prefer writing on phone, tablet and laptop than writing on their textbooks. This is so because electronic devices make editing easier. It also removes the luggage that you need to carry otherwise. Thus, we are here to discuss the top 5 writing apps for tablets and iPad.

5 Best Apps

byword The 5 Best Writing Apps for Android and iOs

1. Byword

This is a classroom technology app which you can use for writing your essays as well as blog posts. It can be referred to as the upgraded version of Mac app when it comes to the platform of mobiles. The app includes publishing to Evernote, WordPress, Tumblr and Medium. The app supports Dropbox and iCloud sync as well. Thus, the apps can be used in combination with different apps which can synchronize to Dropbox. It also permits you to edit or make changes in your document no matter where you are. All you need to do is simply create your documents on Mac, synchronize and access the documents on your iPad, iPhone or your iPod Touch. Byword also constitutes an interface that helps balancing feature set, function and focus. It also has complete Markdown support. This helps you in preview your articles and export them into PDF or HTML.

2. Plain Text

This app is perfect for both iOS and Android. It is a simple and clean online app which is free and easy to use. You can get all your writing done in this app just as you want them. However, Plain Text does not contain some rich features which Byword had and isn’t very appealing either. Nevertheless, it works just as the way you want it too and is great at solving all your writing tasks. The team responsible for the development of the app has expertise in this sphere. The app supports synchronization through Dropbox. Having an extremely stripped-down nature makes the essay writing app quite frictionless. It is also used as math app by the kids.

writingkit The 5 Best Writing Apps for Android and iOs

3. Writing Kit

Writing Kit is another very famous writing app which is available in your app stores. They make writing blogs and essays extremely easy for you. The app contains an inbuilt system with a ton of whistles and bells. The app is also equipped with a browser which makes research very quick. Additionally, the app lets you export your work into different assortment of applications namely Omni Focus as well as things. Writing Kit guarantees you with the ability to use the Markdown syntax. It also helps it synchronise it via Dropbox.

4. Simplenote

This is less of a writing app and more of a notes app. It can be said to be an app which has access to open source textbooks. It is one of the most ideal apps as is has a abundant or permeating nature along with cross-platform aptitudes. It genuinely helps you get words out of the head straight onto the screen. The app also has a number of writing tools. For example the TextExpander support system that helps in replacing abbreviations with consigned snippets in your work. It also helps in creating a list of abbreviations which are used frequently so that they can be replaced automatically. It is said to be among the best apps for note making.

ia writer The 5 Best Writing Apps for Android and iOs


5. iA Writer

It can be referred to as a word processor app which can be used for free. It gives access to several tools and features at zero cost. It is available both in iOS app as well as the app store. It lets you write without interruptions of any kind. All you got to do is type the keyword and write your text. It also has a feature which helps you customize the appearance of your task. It also synchronizes across platforms using the Dropbox or iCloud. Hence, iA writer can be used on any platform. It also comes with a focus mode that fades paragraphs and sentences which aren’t being edited.

Writing articles and essays can really be tiresome and daunting. Not only you need to research a lot but you also need to have a good vocabulary. Usually students end up scoring pathetic marks or grades even after working tirelessly for days on their assignments.

Rapid Essay The 5 Best Writing Apps for Android and iOs

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