The Rise of Radio Controlled Toys

Remote control used to mean a toy that was attached by a lead or wire to a hand held box, but as radio control has become technologically advanced, this has superseded many traditional remote control toys.

radio controlled toys

The Range of Radio Controlled Toys Available

RCToysUK is one such internet shop that specialises in producing radio controlled toys. The outlet offers a superior range of ready to fly and ready to race electric and nitro RC planes, helicopters, tanks and boats. Indeed, with the hi tech specifications available, there is the ultimate boy’s toy experience with off road monster trucks and military vehicles that let off simulated battleground steam. The prices are very affordable too.

Popular Indoor RC Helicopters

Mini RC helicopters that can be flown indoors are all the rage in toy shops at the moment. The best of the bunch is the Gyro Remote Control Helicopter which, although only 11 centimetres along, can be flown by a beginner and has a multi-directional control that outdoes most of the other models selling at a similar price. It is made from a unique crash resistant material, comes with a USB cable for even faster recharging and comes with spare main blade and two rear propellers.

Choose a Beginner’s Radio Controlled Car

Radio controlled products have steadily been growing in popularity. The trick is to pick one that suits you. For a beginner, it may be easier to select a radio controlled car or truck and then upgrade to a more challenging option later. Many cars run on rechargeable electric motors such as a 9.6 battery, but there are also cars, such as the nitro ones mentioned, that work off a mixture of methanol, nitro methane and oil. These types of model are suited to the expert and certainly not for children.

How To Choose Radio Controlled Airplanes

Beginners might actually consider purchasing radio controlled airplanes, many of which are modelled on real airliners. They are also easier to control than the new wave of RC jets which move at unbelievable speeds. Buying a completely pre-assembled model is best for the novice. Ideally, the frame should be foam based as this tends to more wearing than balsawood. It is also sound to have a plane that has high wings for stability and is electric powered.

Radio Controlled Boats Must Be Charged Up

For those who are near a lake or water, radio controlled boats are another hobbyist delight. The beginner’s boat runs on a rechargeable electric battery and has a V shaped hull that tends to make the product a little slower than the Catamaran design which goes faster and has less drag. They are harder to control, but hardly test the water compared to the RC hydroplane boats that are purely built for speedsters. One important check to make before any action on the water is to see if the unit is fully charged or has enough fuel in the tank. Many a boat has been lost in action, cut adrift and rudderless.

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