Top 10 Cool Websites To Go On When Bored

Top 10 Cool Websites To Go On When Bored

Scrolling through your social networks may become a little boring after some time. If you have already checked all your messages, feeds, and comments, and still have nothing to do, it is time to go search the web for something interesting.

So, let’s say you are searching for “what to do when your bored on the Internet.” Browsing countless websites to find interesting stories can be tiresome if you do not know where to look. There are many things to do on the Internet to make your procrastination time more useful. If you have the right direction, the web can become an endless source of new things to do and learn. Of course, the search itself can be rather engaging. Yet, after some time, we all tend to return to our regular social networks.

The main problem is that while looking for some interesting stuff, we sort through a lot of information that often only confuses us.Fine interesting website a free tarot reading with psychicguild.

So, to save your precious time and efforts, here is a list of interesting websites. They can make your boring breaks and evenings more exciting and diverse. There are many fun things to do online, what will you choose?


TEDIf you need something more stimulating, TED is the source for you. If you have a pair of headphones, you can watch these videos non-stop. There are many interesting talks and conferences on this website. The topics are diverse. Here, you can find everything—from a short video on what superpowers are the coolest to a professional talk on the world economy.

All materials are interesting to watch no matter what topic you choose. It is a special power of TED to make something interesting out of something trivial and boring. Besides, its animations are fun to watch; they are incredibly informative and can teach both kids and adults a few important things.

If you are not satisfied with repetitive articles, a website that offers a variety of stories in different shapes is the best thing for you. is a website that gathers hot news from the whole world and delivers them in interesting ways. Are you tired of long stories? Then watch a dynamic video to pass your time. When this type of content is not enough, entertain yourself with quizzes. In case you want to know your inner animal, has a set of unique and precise questions for you.

No matter how old you are or where you are from, this website has something for you. The range of topics gathered here is extensive. This place can be a source of interesting reads for everybody. There is no need to look for something else if you have in your favorites. Here, you can look for inspiration when you are stuck at work. Moreover, this is a great place to learn about modern technology and worldwide issues. And finally, it is one of those cool websites where you can just relax and escape everyday problems. Think about it as your happy place that you can reach from anywhere.

 Bored Panda

Bored PandaThis is one of the coolest websites names. What can be more appropriate to fill your free time than a platform called Bored Panda? Access piles of interesting and appealing content in a few clicks. This is a great blog for open-minded people who are interested in a variety of topics and are ready to read something new every day. Readers can vote for their favorite posts. Thus, you can see trending topics at the top of your list. In the end, who can refuse a cute panda?


If you are looking for something unusual, here is an idea for you—SMBC. This is one of the largest archives of comics. There are many funny websites that contain this type of materials. All are meant for your relaxation. Nothing serious, just plain humor and pictures. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a place where all great minds can relax and forget about work. Experts in procrastination often choose funny pictures that you can scroll for hours on end. The best thing about SMBC is that you can click the Random button and be constantly surprised by the comic topic and jokes.


YouTubeThough this option may be similar to your regular social networks routine, it is something entirely different. People who rarely visit this website are blessed with plenty of free time. Once you dive into this world, you can hardly stop. The best entertainment websites have some tricks up their sleeves to keep you hooked, this is one of them. You just have to choose a sole video you are interested in and keep watching the recommended ones. It is hard to stop when you see an intriguing preview of the next video. Binge-watching Netflix is nothing in comparison with the pull YouTube has on you.

Funny or Die

Funny or DieMeant solely for relaxation, Funny or Die delivers you tons of interesting stuff. This is a place of sketches and comedians. Anyone can become a part of this platform. It is a mix of exclusive celebrities’ videos and the most popular works on the web. If you are bored and have nothing to do, try this website. It will certainly improve your mood and make you laugh. Once you enter this world of jokes, “bored” will not be a problem anymore.


The Oatmeal

Another comic-lover website on this list is The Oatmeal. Though it resembles SMBC in some aspects, this website offers you a few unique features. This place was created by Matthew Inman who decided to share his love of comics with the world. His style of drawings is unique, and all described situations are relatable. You may find yourself in one of them on your way to work or at home. However, this website is something more than a place for comics. It also has some of the funniest quizzes on the web and offers a variety of books that will never leave you bored or sad.


Though this website is a bit harder to navigate than the previous ones, the amount of information stored here is enormous. This is a huge community that is divided by interests. The website is split into small subreddits (categories) that allow you find your favorite topic. You can become a member of various categories and enjoy them all. This is an opportunity to meet the fans of your favorite series and discuss its theories and news. This is a place to post funny pictures, make jokes, and find new friends. There is room for everybody in this community.


BuzzfeedThere is hardly a person who has not heard about Buzzfeed before. It is a popular source of viral content. Here, meaningless articles come hand in hand with serious news and videos. As varied as it is, the content here is mostly aimed at active young people who simply want to relax and do what they want online. Even if it is something trivial and fruitless. The information is delivered in various shapes including regular articles, videos, quizzes, pic compilations, and even recipes. Choose what you like the most or switch between these types whenever you like.

The Useless Web

The last one on our list of funny unusual websites is a list of its own. If you still have no idea where to go after reading this article, this is an option for you. It is not a source of hot news, comics, or videos. The website itself has nothing interesting to it. This is a kind of a randomizer that redirects you to another website meant to fight boredom. This unique idea became a popular choice for people who do not know what to do online. Just trust your luck and see where The Useless Web takes you next time.

As you can see, there are many websites that are ready to help you deal with boredom. Moreover, many of them have been created specifically for this purpose. Unfortunately, even today, with our easy access to information, we often do not know what to do with it.

Maybe, the limitless opportunities confuse and overwhelm us. The problem may be in the amount of information that we consume every day. We learn about so many articles, news, and videos daily that it becomes harder and harder to impress us.

People are constantly trying to create something innovative and unique to be noticed. As a result, there are many options to choose from, but we cannot make up our minds.

To save yourself from unnecessary search, select a couple of options from this list and have them at hand. When you have nothing to do and feel bored, you will have an instant solution to your troubles. Think this way—while you have an Internet connection available, you can forget the word “bored.”

P.S. Do not stick to one place all the time, have an alternative option in mind. Choose something that differs in shape and substance. After all, variety is key to fighting off boredom.

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