Top 4 Reasons How Donald Trump’s First Week Compromised Cybersecurity

Less than a month Donald Trump was inaugurated as the new President of United States. In his first week critics alleged the cybersecurity system near to him was not up to the presidential standard. Let us find out what went wrong or what was compromised amid his fast moving agenda that has rocked the world including travel ban of refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Somalia.

donald trump's cybersecurity

Personal Samsung Galaxy S3 Being Used

President Donald Trump and his personal smartphone are still best company. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S3 that was first launched in 2012 and fails to meet the required security of even average teenager. So it is safe to assume his Android device is compromised by foreign intelligence service. His constant locations could be accessed by intelligent others. Recording his conversations could also be possible whenever he is near the device.

Still Private Email Used

It is also learned top staffers of the president are still using private email addresses that is hosted by the Republican National Committee in at least first week after his taking oath. Some of the staff to be named is Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer, Jared Kushner and Kellyanne Conway. The addresses of all of them ended in

president trump's cybersecurity

Poor Twitter Accounts Security

Poor security settings were also found in the Twitter accounts of some of the Trump’s advisors after he took the presidency chair in January. Guessing passwords were also easy to the official @POTUS and @VP accounts. If any of the personal email accounts, official @POTUS and @VP accounts secured with private Gmail addresses, are compromised, the connected Twitter accounts could be broken easily too. Security expert believes a takeover of the president’s Twitter accounts could lead to national security disaster in several ways.

Cybersecurity Advisor Rudy Giuliani Not Well Qualified

clinton-trump cybersecurity

Yes, it is widely being said Rudy Giuliani is not very qualified for the job of cybersecurity advisor to the president. Following the end of his mayoralty of New York City he started his cybersecurity consulting company. Critics say it is not very much sure what the company actually does. The Wall Street Journal writes Giuliani has lately only discovered Signal, the gold standard of secure messaging. In a released statement the advisor defined hacking as a cancer and hackers as Mafia.

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