Top 5 Reasons your Cellphone Internet Connection is Slow

Top 5 Reasons your Cellphone Internet Connection is Slow

The world of internet connection speeds can be very confusing, particularly for beginners. This is particularly true for users choosing a new data package for their cellphones or even internet services providers (ISPs) for their business or home uses.

Generally, internet speed is measured in Mbps (megabits per second). There is no such thing as perfect internet speed. However, the higher Mbps you get, the better off you will be. Note that the speed you need depends on the specific number of devices connected to that network at once. For instance, checking your emails takes lesser bandwidth (needs less internet speed) compared to streaming videos or downloading files.

Are you frustrated because your cellphone takes too long to load a simple web page? Before you begin blaming your outdated smartphone, you may want to know the reasons your phone is experiencing a slow internet connection.

1. Location of the router

One obvious yet overlooked a reason your Wi-Fi-connected cellphone might be experiencing internet lag is your router’s location. Though Wi-Fi has a range of 230 feet, being far away from the router weekends, the internet connection signal. Solid obstructions like walls and doors situated in between the cell phone and the router can also weaken and internet connection signal. Therefore, before you start complaining that the Wi-Fi signal is malfunctioning, check the distance between your cell phone and the router.

It’s recommended to place your router in a somewhat central location. Most people place it away from masonry walls and other big solid objects such as the chimney. Keep in mind that the router signal radiates from different sides and big objects like walls are likely to impact the signal’s quality. That means your phone’s internet speed will be negatively impacted.

Slow network Top 5 Reasons your Cellphone Internet Connection is Slow

2. Slow network

Another common reason for your cellphone slow internet connection is because of constantly changing network speed. To understand how network speed can impact your cell phone’s internet connection, ask yourself these two important questions. How many users are connected to the router at a given time? What exactly are they doing over the internet?

To boost your router internet broadband, you must analyze the number of users and what they are doing on the internet. For example, checking emails requires lesser power compared to streaming high-quality videos. If the users require a higher internet speed, then you must increase your router’s bandwidth speed to ensure better user experience.

If you are outdoors and realized that many people have connected to their public Wi-Fi, it is better to use your mobile phone data to enjoy faster internet speed. This is because you will not be sharing your internet connection with anyone, and that means you can enjoy faster connectivity as long as you have a high-speed data phone plan.

3. Wi-Fi noise

Have you ever realized that most home electronic appliances usually emit a wireless signal at a similar frequency is your router? Studies have shown that routers and other home appliances usually emit a 2.4 GHz frequency. So, before you decide on the prime location for your router, you must determine whether or not there are many wireless devices nearby. Remember, the more signal interference, the slower the internet connection.

Most experts recommend that you should set your router on a 5.0 GHz bandwidth because this frequency is less prone to signal interference from wireless electronic appliances. Before you make these changes, make sure that your phone and other devices connected to the router support 5.0 GHz. Otherwise, you will have created an extra problem for your devices because your phone will not connect to the network.

4. Excessive cache

You should check your cell phone’s cache if after fixing network issues, router problems, and the location of the router doesn’t improve your cell phone’s internet speed. The cache is an important component in your device that saves data from prior searches to increase the speed of related searches in the future. While your cell phone is likely to become more efficient for that specific search, it is likely to be much slower when you perform other tasks that require an internet connection.

To speed up your phone, it is important that you clear out the cache manually. You can also use a cache cleaner app to get rid of oh useless cache and maximize your cell phone’s internet speed. Once you decide to download an app, be sure to get it from a trusted and reputable platform so that you don’t download malware-infiltrated applications.

Why pay attention to mobile phone internet speed?

Less than a decade ago, just having mobile internet was somewhat a novelty. But today’s consumer expectations on performance have changed. In the business world, mobile internet connection can mean the difference between profit and losses. Even when handling your personal projects like researching for your new book or just reading news online, a slow internet connection can be very frustrating.

A fast internet connection allows your workers to be more productive. Every time they are forced to wait for a few seconds longer than usual to get an important file downloaded or check an email, the wasted time is equivalent to lost money. Remember, those extra few seconds can add up to hundreds or thousands of hours in a year, and you will have to pay for them.

Additionally, a fast-mobile internet connection creates a more efficient remote working environment. For example, it facilitates faster and efficient communication between employees in different locations. Your workers can easily use Zoom, Skype, and other communication platforms for faster and efficient communications. This efficiency will translate to a higher productivity level in your organization.


Perhaps there are other reasons for your cell phone is lagging internet speed. In case your business depends heavily on fast mobile internet speed, and you have been unable to fix the current connection issue, contact your internet service provider to get the issue fixed.

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