Tops Tips To Un-Suffer FOMO From Smartphone

Tops Tips To Un-Suffer FOMO From Smartphone

You may have heard the word FOMO somewhere in this era of smartphone. It is ‘Fear Of Missing Out.’ It is a kind of phobia not to miss something on Twitter, Facebook or even WhatsApp, but this also turns to a serious problem leading to less productivity in your daily routine. It increases anxiety and your brain goes uncontrolled. If you feel you are suffering from such situation, follow the below given tips to fix up.

Acknowledging problem

Acknowledging the problem is important otherwise there is very little chance to overcome FOMO. In long-run it may become a serious issue and you will steal your valuable time out of anxiety. So it is suggested have a check on your behaviour right now.

Social site diary at night

Fear Of Missing Out

While socializing on social networking sites at night it is suggested by experts to enter into a memo the last action on your smartphone on the particular day. You will find the list is small. The fewer the items, you will get more success and earnings. With such technique you will be able to brain your mind and in your next visit to social site you will think when last you found something useful from it.

Social media use schedule

This is a good idea to schedule your use on social networking sites. Use a calendar-type alert on your phone to notify you when to check your Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp account for replying to the messages. Also, the alert will help you when to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and how many sessions you should have a day.

Don’t open the sites from your phone just any other time. Restrict yourself completely to the schedule. Don’t slip out of it otherwise it will again become a habit.

Time limit per session

If you have assigned four sessions in a day to check the social platforms on your smartphone, it is important to limit each with time like one hour in total for a day. This way you can segregate time for each session like limiting to 15 to 20 minutes. Put the phone away when the timer goes off.

Human engagement

If you are out in public and the urge to use the smartphone is strong even if the scheduled alert is hour away, turn to someone nearby and talk to the person like how the day is going or whether he or she has heard anything new. You may find something useful through conversation that you have missed.


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Fixing FOMO is just at your fingertips and you need to follow it or else you may start stealing your productivity. Start checking your behavior now.

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