How To Unplug From Technology While On Vacation

Today’s world is very fast. Everything is in real-time. Even what is being cooked at your friend’s kitchen is shared live with the advancement of technology and multiple apps that facilitate chat and sharing phones as well as videos in real-time. However, it is important to spare some time for yourself, completely yourself. Holidaying is one of such good way to do so, but provided you keep yourself detached with such world, with such connectivity. Below are some of the basic tips how to unplug yourself from such technology, from office, from work and also from social network while on a vacation.


Experts suggest to disable email by turning off the work email and hide it. If you are using iPhone, head to Settings and thereafter to Mail. Here go to accounts and turn work email account off by swiping the button. This will prevent automatic download of the emails on the devices. Also, you can hide the mail icon by sending it to a folder. This will hide the icon.

It is better if you disable the alerts too and log out from everything so that to check those you need to type in username and password. This keep a check to make you easily understand whether it is more important than the holiday.

It is good to remove calendars too from your mobile device so that the constant appoint does not pings and you are not reminded of the meeting or other work commitments. Remember, that during holidays your only appointment should be with the mountains, the beach or a good book.

unplug technology

Those who are commitment to have a personal life during holidaying set up a solid out-of-office message. This is suggested for others too and urged to do early so that you don’t need to type it before heading to the airport.

In case you can opt for airplane mode, it is the best as it does not allow accessing the internet for everything. It keeps the phone muted. While you think of connecting the phone again, you may be stopped whether you really need to look at your phone.


It is also suggested to carry real camera with you instead of just capturing and snapping moments with your iPhone. Save yourself as much as possible from the reach to your phone. Even using smartphone camera may instigate you to check what is going on in social network, if not at work.

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