UnSpot – a system for booking workplaces and meeting rooms in the office

UnSpot - a system for booking workplaces and meeting rooms in the office

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, remote working has become the norm for a large number of companies and firms. This approach to work has required changes to office space. Offices must change to allow employees to book desks for when they are there, with the need to achieve a schedule for office workers that reduces the likelihood of contact between them to a minimum when carrying out work.

Why use UnSpot software

The use of UnSpot software gives the manager the option of not having to draw up tables of employee visits to the office manually, thus avoiding the inevitable errors.

Using Unspot software transforms the office space into an attractive environment for employees to work in, and ensures the most efficient cooperation between the team. Once the pandemic has begun and most employees have left to work remotely, they do not perceive the office space as a place to work.

The use of UnSpot software assists company managers to bring employees back to the office work in a phased manner, and to move towards a flexible and people-oriented workplace strategy.

The main function of using UnSpot specialist software is the efficient use of office space for employees to work as comfortably and productively as possible while minimizing contact between employees.

The specialized software offers a range of tools that makes it possible for different people to share the same workspace without causing problems or conflicts. This approach increases office efficiency by an average of 50 percent.

What UnSpot allows you to do

UnSpot makes more efficient use of the office space. The software is installed on an iPad. The software display gives a clear indication of the meeting room status or workplaces in real time.

Using UnSpot makes it possible to:

  • book rooms or workplaces by time;
  • Make intelligent use of your office;
  • keep a social distance, which is especially important during a pandemic.

The UnSpot software is the kind of system which can fit as neatly as possible into any company’s business process. Using UnSpot makes it possible not only to use the available office space efficiently but also to save significantly on office rental costs when necessary.

UnSpot Display allows:

  • View the status of the workplace or meeting room in real time.
  • Display available and occupied time slots.
  • Book a room or a workspace.

In addition, the software provides information on the current meeting schedule and room availability and makes it possible to book a room right next to it.

What you need to use UnSpot Display

To set up a workspace reservation system, you will need to carry out several actions.

These actions are as follows.

  • The purchase of a suitable device will be necessary. The purchase of an iPad-6 is optimal;
  • you will need to download the UnSpot Display application.

For the software to work properly, a subscription will have to be arranged and paid for and the tablet connected to the system. The cost to use the software on one device is $13 per month.

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