Why Verizon Finally Announces Unlimited Data Plan After Several Denials

Verizon has just unwrapped its goodies that to attract more new customers and keep the existing one retained. Called as Verizon Unlimited, the new plan offers unlimited 4G LTE data, talk and text. To avai, one needs to use AutoPay and it will cost $80 per month.

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The offer does not end here. The wireless carrier has come up with 10GB of Mobile Hotspot per month apart from unlimited calling and texting to Mexico and Canada.

In the period of more than five years this is the first time Verizon has launched an unlimited offer. Earlier to this it forced heavy users to move to new offerings.

Prior to the launching of the new plan, company executives downplayed on several occasions the need for unlimited plans. However, largest wireless carrier in terms of total number of subscribers allowed users to pay for unlimited usage in 30-minute and 60-minute increments last fall.

verizon unlimited plan

The new announcement is a followup of similar aggressive pushes from rival carriers.

In August 2016 T-Mobile replaced all the existing mobile plans to one unlimited offering named as T-Mobile One, earning criticism for downgrading video streams resolution to attract an add-on pay of $15 for a HD version.

Verizon seems acting directly going through such complaints and said the videos will be of HD quality and users can access 10GB of LTE mobile hotspot data before getting downgraded to 3G speeds. However, it is yet to be seen whether the streaming videos will be above 720p resolution, the minimum threshold of HD.

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Verizon adds not to retire the other tiered data plans like a 5GB per month offer and also the popular “S,” “M,” and “L” plans that starts at $35 monthly subscription for 2GB of LTE data.

The new plan of $80 is a bit pricey compared to that of T-Mobile, which offers nearly the same benefits at $70 per month. Sprint offers unlimited data for $60 a month.

AT&T is offering unlimited plan for a subscription fee of $100 per month and it comes bundled with a subscription to either its U-Verse or DirecTV services.

Meanwhile, a recent study reveals Verizon has the fastest and most widely available network in the US. So, this might be an added advantage over T-Mobile and Sprint.

More details are to emerge soon, but ahead of it the new plan is best for hungrier users. It seems competitive too and Verizon would be able to attract more new customers.

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