A List of Varied Uses for Video Walls You Should Know

We all know that we can use video walls as invaluable (and attention-grabbing) advertising tools, but what else do you know about the different applications for video walls? Nowadays, we see video walls most everywhere – in airports, in reception halls, in trade shows, exhibits, and conferences; in concerts, in sports arenas, and so on. But if you are thinking of utilising a video wall for your own company, you can use it in a variety of ways. Video walls can be a fantastic way to let other people know about your brand and business or keep people informed about important details or facts. Here’s a list of varied uses for video walls you should know.

  • A full-screen visual experience

You can often see video walls used for this purpose: to create a full-screen experience for audiences. A full-screen video wall is quite an impressive sight for viewers, especially if the videos display some great graphics or show multiple videos on an array of screens. Video walls on a range of screens can be very striking compared to a single display. If you have a lobby in your business premises, a full-screen video wall can attract plenty of viewers and help showcase information about your brand or information about your products, or it can show live television as well.

  • Communicate important data

We often see video walls in airports as well as sites for manufacturing, where data charts are continuously displayed. These video walls can show the status and times of flights as well as display various status reports, so they are easier to read. One brilliant aspect about video walls is that they are an excellent aid for the dissemination of data since they can quickly show vast amounts of data to numerous people all at the same time.

  • A chance to show various content

Video Walls

You can also utilise video walls, and a proper video wall mount to display different or various content in one display. You can make use of multiple screens for showing a variety of content, which can be very useful for presentations. You can even trigger the material so that you can change it from various mobile devices.

  • An interactive display

If you would like to enhance engagement with your customers or with your target audience, you can surely make use of a video display which has interactive elements. You can bring viewers to a virtual reality environment where they can easily interact or connect with the surroundings. You can also embed various touch points in different signage, so your video wall is no longer ‘flat’ but immersive.

  • Utilise social media

Video walls are now also used for promoting different social media platforms. For instance, if your business has multiple social media accounts, you can create a video wall displaying your different accounts all at the same time so that viewers can view your various posts on various social media platforms.

Whichever way you decide to use a video wall, make sure to get your video wall set up by a professional – it’s something that can genuinely help you with your advertising and marketing strategy, but it needs to be done correctly as well.

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