Why Your Website Is Not Bringing Business

Why Your Website Is Not Bringing Business

It is important to understand why your website is not bringing business even though it is neatly designed by a professional designer and is hosted on reliable server.

Probably the website is missing some features and this is the reason audience is not following the call to action button. Below is a checklist to see whether your business website is on par.

Not Unique To Industry, Brand

It is always to note that website design is the first impression to your business and it should reflect your portfolio correctly, and also why your product or services stand out from competition. It should attract more visitors and content on it should also be written well that narrate details of your vision clearly.

UX and UI Features

Features play important role and trending ones are UX and UI. Use scroll jacking instead of the same in other format to direct visitors to exact vertical point. Similarly Font Icons as well as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) scales graphic design retaining the quality.

Search Functionality

It is very important to embed a search function and that too properly as well as in a better place than other tools. The search function should also be easy and seamless.

Low Performing

Many websites are slow even though the owners have made it look modern. Actually too many scripts, requests and no caching make the site low performing. So it is suggested to only use those scripts which are required by the website.

Mobile Website

It is very important the website should also look good on Mobile and the version there should be portable. It is to note that non-responsive website is equal to not having a website. The website must be responsive and it is suggested to first make a mobile version and thereafter the desktop one if you are newly making a website for your business.

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