Why XNSPY Android Spy Software Is The Best Monitoring App So Far

There are a lot of infant app developers these days, trying to produce a so called monitoring app. They offer you just a pair of features which aren’t worth buying. This is why I would like to introduce to you XNSPY Android spy software. It has more than 30 fully functional and useful features that can serve the purpose of monitoring without any dissonance.

Why XNSPY Android Spy Software Is The Best Monitoring App So Far
Why XNSPY Android Spy Software Is The Best Monitoring App So Far

Be it your belligerent kid at home or ‘Mr. Smarty pants’ at the office. It’s a complete app for your Android devices, whether smartphones or tablets. The installation and use is quite easy. And downloading it through their website is not inconvenient at all. The website has an intelligent user interface. The control panel designed to access the installed devices is very responsive and efficient. Here are a few reasons why XNSPY is the monitoring app that you are looking for your Android users:

Calls and Text Messages

Record a call or just check the calls history. If that’s not enough for you, use the Watchlist feature. Save important contacts in the list and get a notification whenever that person makes a call on the installed device. You can do all this through their webpage based control panel. Text message conversations are automatically backed up to their database which is always available for access.

Emails and Internet

XNSPY Android app perfectly syncs all the emails to its control panel. If your kids have a bad habit of browsing useless stuff all the time through their phones and you wonder what they are up to, check their browsing history and any bookmarks saved. It scrutinizes every aspect of your Android devices.

Remote Control

This is, I must say, one of the most powerful feature. There is so much you can do through your control panel. Lock your device or wipe data over it with XNSPY Android app. There is also a feature that lets you activate the device microphone and record stuff from the surroundings

Location and Geo-Fencing

I left these features for the end because they will let you reconcile your final thoughts about the app. Track real time location or its history, the app does both Geo-fencing allows you to mark areas on the map. Once the Android device leaves or enter the parameters (the marked areas), instant notification alert is sent to the control panel.

These are just a few of the many features that the app offers. My prerogative goes with this no.1 selling Android spy software. Learn more about the product and purchase details on XNSPY’s website.

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