10 Amazing Off-Road Destinations in the Midwest


Off-Road Destinations in the MidwestThe Midwest is home to endless miles of rolling hills, rocky plains and grassy fields. It’s prime territory for off-roading in your truck or Jeep. Before you head out on an epic off-road adventure, be sure to outfit your ride with wheel tire packages made to handle the job.

Here are 10 of the top off-road driving destinations in middle America.

  1. Badlands Off Road Park – Indiana: Located just south of Attica, Indiana, Badlands Off Road Park covers 800 acres and sports a wide variety of terrain. SUVS and trucks that are fitted with wheels all terrain head out to the Rock Quarry/SUV Park to drive through landscapes encompassing rocky traverses, mud pits, sand dunes and small ponds.
  2. Black Hills National Forest – South Dakota: With several options that are open to all off-road-ready vehicles, the Black Hills National Forest boasts more than 600 miles of trails.
  3. Kansas Rocks Recreation Park – Kansas: Head just outside of the Kansas City area to Lenexa, Kansas to experience the varied terrain at Kansas Rocks Recreation Park, including areas with names like Rocky Ridge, Labyrinth and Buckeye Boonies. The park allows 4-wheel drive vehicles, mountain bikes, hikers and UTVs.
  4. Haspin Acres Off-Road and Motocross Park – Indiana: This 750-acre attraction packs Jeep-ready features like the “Devil’s Backbone” trail riding section and trails that go over numerous hills and valleys. Stock up on wheel tire packages at auto parts boise before you head to this Midwest destination.
  5. Drummond Island – Michigan: Climb over rocks, pass through meadows and ride through hardwood forests in the Drummond Island off-road vehicle system. Turtle Ridge Off-Road Park is a favorite in the area, covering more than 400 acres.
  6. Iron Ridge Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area – Minnesota: Take your Jeep out for a rugged ride in this park system that has 36 miles of trails spread over 1,200 acres. The trails come with plenty of hills and altitude shifts.
  7. Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch – Missouri: Drive 5 miles south of Seymour, Missouri to this 940-acre off-road destination that rates its trails on a difficulty scale from one to six. The park allows driving from 7 a.m. to midnight.
  8. Appleton Area Recreational Park – Minnesota: Take on rolling terrain in this family-friendly park set in an old gravel mine. There are 20 miles of trails spread around the park’s 330 acres.
  9. Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park – Michigan: Part of the Snow Snake Ski & Golf Resort, this off-road park is located in Harrison, Michigan. The setting takes advantage of northern Michigan’s varied terrain to offer up 200 acres of trails perfect for varying skill levels.
  10. Two Rivers Jeep Club – Illinois: As the name implies, the club is exclusive to Jeeps. The member-rated trails are entirely on private land, ranging from relatively flat to rocky ascents. The rating scale starts at 1 for those with little off-road experience and a stock vehicle, then goes up to 5 for drivers you’ve made serious off-road modifications to their ride.

Amazing Off-Road Destinations in the Midwest

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