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7 Tips to Find a Good Mover

If you have any sort of plans to move to another place, then you must be finding some movers. Here in this article are given 7 essential tips that shall be taken under consideration before you make any decision about assigning the job to any of the moving companies.

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•     Get referrals about the best in the job around you, you can either get information from the real estate agent, because they have to deal with the movers on the daily basis as this is a part of their job, or you can get to know about any movers by your any of your friends or relatives who have recently dealt with same kind of job.
•     If you come across one or more than one movers options, that would be god for you. Starts the short listing if there are more than one. Start with the authentication, which means to check if they have license or not. Consider the ones with authentic license.
•     You can check authentication of your mover on Internet. Go to movindscam.com or get authentication check by Department of Transportation.
•     After all this short listing make sure you have at least three movers to choose from. Get the rates and estimated form all three of them and make a comparison in between them to get to the best one that suits you.
•     Sometimes extremely low bids show that the mover is desperate to get the job. It is a bad sign. Try to observe by the actions of the mover that either he is capable to get the job done or not.
•     Ask for a written agreement after you have done with the deal. Keep the bid and all the amount that you have paid and will be paying, and make sure you have the agreement about no exceed in bidding.
•     Last but not the least. Avoid the movers who seem not to be taking care of your stuff, trust your instincts about this matter. If any mover seems rouge to you try to keep him away from the job.

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