Brief Bolivia Travel Guide

Location: Bolivia is landlocked right in the middle of South America, high up in the Andes. It is bordered by Brazil in the north and west, Peru in the north and east, Chile in the south-west, Argentina in the south and Paraguay in the south-east.

Capital city: The capital of Bolivia is La Paz, which is famous for being the highest capital city in the world. Over 3,500m above sea level, the 1.5 million inhabitants have clearly had time to adjust to the altitude, but many visitors struggle. The battle is worth it though, as the setting of La Paz is unforgettable. It is stretched across a big canyon, and when you see it from the top, it is magical. It is close to the world’s highest ski slopes at Chacatalya, and some serious fast downhill mountain biking.

Other major cities: Bolivia’s other main cities include Sucre, which is the place to go if you want to get a spot of culture and history. Indeed, its city centre has been World Heritage Listed by UNESCO. There is also Potosi in the South-west, where you can go on tours of silver mines – something a little bit different.

Population: Approximately nine million people call Bolivia their home. As it was one of the least touched areas of the continent by the colonial powers of Spain and Portugal, there is a high indigenous population within that number..

Languages spoken: The main language of Bolivia, as with most of South America, is Spanish. However, in many areas, Quecha, Aymara and Guarani will be the mother tongue.

What we know it for: Bolivia hosts both of South America’s overpowering geographical features: The Andes and The Amazon. For those who prefer mountains to jungle, the Cordillera Real is the prime trekking territory, an along the way you’ll come across plenty of pre-European settlement Inca ruins. If the basin of the world’s coolest river is more your thing, head to Rurrenabaque and book yourself onto a jungle tour.

Why you should go: For natural beauty, it’s difficult to surpass Bolivia. Some of the best parts of the Andes and the Amazon are here, and the winding roads through the country may be hazardous to drive on, but it’s worth it for the views.

Great place to visit: The famous Lake Titicaca is a beautiful bright blue, and according to local legend, this is where the sun was born. It’s the remainder of an ancient inland sea. Highlights include hiring out canoes and sailboats, or taking a trip to Isla De La Sol in the middle of the lake.

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