GPS for seniors for family road trips

GPS for seniors – You might considering ditching that old-fashioned, clumsy folding map if you get exposed to a GPS for seniors unit. The GPS for seniors gadget, which can either be built in or purchases as portable handheld units, make family travel with seniors dramatically less stressful.

GPS for seniors for family road trips

Here are the top reasons to take a GPS for seniors unit on your next family vacation:

You always know where you are. That is almost reason alone to get a GPS for seniors unit, especially if you’ve ever wandered lost in a bad neighborhood with kids in the back. That is not a pleasant feeling.

You always know when you will get there. Granted, it’s an estimated time of arrival. But it’s great to have a quick comeback to the age-old family road trip question.

You can find what you want. Need diapers for seniors from a Wal-Mart? Or a coffee from Starbucks? Many GPS for seniors units now come with databases of top stops like these.

Get point-to-point directions. This can be extremely helpful while on the road. What is nice about GPS for seniors units is they will alert you when you’ve strayed from your designated path, so you know well before you might have figured it out on your own. Better yet, they will then recalculate new directions based on your current location.

You can go on a geocaching scavenger hunt. If you get a handheld GPS unit, you and the family can go treasure hunting. Geocaching is a high-tech method of scavenger hunt in which GPS for seniors unit is used to hunt down hidden items.

GPS for seniors

Family Vacation Planning

Here are the four steps key to planning a family vacation.

Pick Your Type of Family Vacation

All Inclusive Family Vacation
Disney Vacation
Procreation Vacation
Family Friendly Cruise
Destination Family Reunion
NASCAR Vacation
Family Adventure Travel Vacation
Top Indoor Water Parks
Family Beach Vacation
Pick Your Family Vacation Transportation
Family Vacation Road Trip
Family Train Travel
RV Travel with Kids
Flying with Baby

Justify that Family Vacation

Family Travel Resolutions
Top 10 Reasons to Travel with Kids
Homeschooling While Traveling
Afford a Dream Family Vacation
Tax Refund Family Vacation
Survive Your Family Vacation
Avoid Tantrums on Family Vacations
Healthy Kid Travel Snacks
GPS for Family Vacations
Strollers and Air Travel
Avoid Jet Lag in Children
Get Your Child to Sleep on Family Vacation

What’s Hot in Family Travel

GPS for seniors

In an unstable world, families will often turn to each other. In the midst of war and lay-offs, the need to come together, the need to prioritize family over finances and career, take center stage. Expect people to stay closer to home and travel closer to family. People will not stop taking family vacations, but they will probably take fewer non-family vacations.

The year 2019 will be the year of the old-fashioned, bonding, connecting family vacation. Families will choose comfortable over the exotic, road trips over long flights. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Here is a list of what’s hot in family travel, featuring what’s in and what’s out for 2019.

What’s Out: Business Travel and Couples Getaways
What’s In: Taking the Kids Everywhere

It used to be that kids went on family vacations, and to places that are so-called “kid-friendly.” Not this year. Don’t be surprised to find kids tagging along when the parents go on vacations (so conference organizers should have plenty of spouse and family activity options). Romantic getaways will become mingled with family vacations, so family-friendly resorts and hotels will need to beef up kid camps, babysitting and other offerings to give parents some solo time.

What’s Out: Theme Parks
What’s In: Authenticity and Learning Vacations

Of course, families will still hit theme parks this year. That will never die down too much. But for many parents, there will be an emphasis on authenticity over simulated experiences. Instead of a history-themed park, parents will strive to take kids to the site of some real history such as Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. They will also look more for hands-on experiences, both for the adults and the kids, as is evidenced by a rise in classes (even cooking classes for kids).

What’s Out: Separate Family Vacations and Visits to Family
What’s In: Destination Family Reunions and Multi-Generational Travel

Families will be less likely to take two trips: one to visit grandparents and one family vacation. To save money and to further emphasize bonding, these two trips will be combined into destination reunions and multi-generational vacations. The fact that grandparents are now highly active baby boomers just further encourages these trends.

What’s Out: Trans-Atlantic Flights
What’s In: Old-Fashioned Road Trips

Gas prices have dropped in half in recent weeks. That, paired with the high cost of flying a whole family, will combine to make this a break-out year for the road trip. Besides the economic savings, it’s a nostalgia thing. In trying times, families turn to nostalgia and the Gen-Xers with kids now will be thinking fondly of their own childhood vacations as they plan trips with their kids. This is also aided by mainstream affordability of in-car GPS units.

What’s Out: Booking Travel a la Carte
What’s In: All-Inclusive Family Vacation Packages

It used to be savvy travelers hunted around and pieced together their vacation, or went with a budget. In fluctuating currencies and with uncertain times, having a prepaid all-inclusive family vacation will be even more valuable for families.

What’s Out: Classic One-Week Family Vacation
What’s In: Long Weekends and Extended Family Sabbaticals

As people prioritize family over career, they will start taking more of the many day of vacation time that typically go unused. That means for some, it will be several short vacations a year. For others, that re-prioritizing (and perhaps layoffs and other uncertainties) will lead to true family bonding on an extended family sabbatical.

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