How to Choose the Safest Street Helmet

The right helmet can keep you safe, comfortable and stylish when you head out on your street bike. One of the most important sport bike parts for any type of rider, a sturdy motorcycle helmet is an essential accessory for protecting yourself while you enjoy the road. Follow these guidelines to choose the safest street helmet for you.

Know Your Size

Motorcycle helmets come in a range of shapes and sizes. It’s important to pick the right helmet for your head size and shape to ensure a proper fit. Many full face sport bike helmets come in an intermediate oval shape, the most common fit for most peoples’ heads. Other head shapes include round and oval; the intermediate oval is a mix between the two. When determining which fit is right for you, look at the top of your head – not your face – to identify the shape.

Several helmet manufacturers offer their best products in a variety of sizes to fit the widest range of riders. Find the best size for you by wrapping a cloth measuring tape around your head, starting just above the eyebrows and going around the back of your head. Write this measurement down and use it as a guideline while you’re reviewing size charts online for graphic sport bike helmets. Doing this research in advance will help make sure the helmet you pick will fit snuggly and safely.

Choose a Helmet Style

 Safest Street Helmet

Street bike helmets come in several different styles, including full face helmets, modular helmets, open face helmets and graphic helmets. No matter which style you prefer, be sure to choose a helmet that fits comfortably and offers ample cushioning and protection. Look for options from a trusted vendor of sport bike parts.

Full face, modular and several other types of motorcycle helmets come with a face shield that keeps dust out and offers an additional layer of protection in the event of a crash. These styles also typically have a chin guard that provides extra safety. The best type of helmet for you may depend on the riding conditions you’re planning to tackle and personal style preferences.

Look for Safety Features

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sets standards for motorcycle helmets to ensure they’ll hold up in an accident. Motorcycle accessories manufacturers have the option to self-certify that their helmets meet those standards. To find a helmet with the highest safety ratings, be sure to look for the DOT symbol, meaning the helmet has met the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

Some advanced helmet models come with additional safety features that can help a rider survive if they do get in an accident on the road. One such feature is an emergency quick release system designed to make it quicker and easier for first responders to remove the helmet in the event of an accident.

A safe, reliable street bike helmet is a vital accessory for any motorcycle rider. Look for an option that fits your head shape, size, personal style and safety guidelines. Turn to a trusted vendor of sport bike parts for the best choices.

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