How To Have Good Time On A Budget In Los Angeles

How To Have Good Time On A Budget In Los Angeles

When you’re planning for a vacation, being on a budget doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. You can save money and still take in the best sights in LA for a memorable trip

Why Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is one of the most vibrant and well-known cities in the world, and it’s no surprise that many people choose this as the number one choice for a California trip. Whether you’re a movie buff wanting to experience Hollywood, passionate about culture, or looking for the best eating and drinking scenes, LA has it all. 

For such a popular city, you might expect to pay a fortune for a memorable trip to LA, but that never has to be the case. There are plenty of affordable things to see and do in LA, and you can still have your perfect trip no matter your budget. 

How to Have a Good Time on a Budget

Here are just some ideas on how you can save money on your LA trip and not have to worry about making any compromises when it comes to a good time.

  • Don’t Neglect the Free Attractions

The city is awash with free attractions, like hikes and museums, so you’ll definitely want to factor these into your itinerary. Even some of the most popular spots, like Santa Monica Pier, are free attractions, so a good time in these top spots won’t cost you a penny. 

There’s also the free Downtown LA Art Walk, where art enthusiasts will be able to stroll through the streets and enjoy the neighborhood galleries.

  • Make it All About the Company 

You don’t have to pay top dollar to do everything there is to see and do in LA just to have a good time. Your idea of a good time in the city might be spending it with the right company, or enjoying an evening in rather than out. You can find professional escort services for your trip, such as with, to make it one to remember without having to pay a high amount on LA’s attractions.

  • Take a Sight-Seeing Hike 

If you’re looking to take everything in from a vantage position and take some memorable photos, there are plenty of enjoyable hikes in LA you won’t want to miss and they won’t cost you a penny. Take in the Hollywood sign, or catch a sunset over the LA skyline. 

  • Visit the Food Trucks

There is an abundant amount of food trucks in LA, more than any other city in America, which means if you’re looking to eat on a budget, and on the go, this can be a cheaper option than sitting down for a three-course meal. You won’t be compromising on quality, either the variety of food trucks LA has to offer includes quality food from worldwide cuisine, so there’s always something for everyone.

  • Relax on the Beach

Nothing beats a hot day on a gorgeous beach, and you’re always guaranteed that with LA’s sunny weather all year round. If you’re looking to avoid spending money and just want to relax, then lounging on the sand or taking a swim in the ocean won’t cost a thing.

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