The Best Cities in Italy to Visit on your Summer Vacation

The Best Cities in Italy to Visit on your Summer VacationThe Best Cities in Italy to Visit on your Summer Vacation

If you’re planning to take one of the many luxury vacations in italy that thousands of people enjoy every year, you’re in for a real treat. Italy is an incredibly beautiful country that’s steeped in magnificent history and is often bathed in the glow of the warm Mediterranean sun. But which cities should you visit while you’re in the country? And how can you make the most of your time there? Let’s take a look at this now:


If you are a lover of all things art you’re going to love Florence. Thought to be one of the greatest places in Europe to see amazing art and incredible architecture, this city really does have something for every art lover. In addition to being home to many exquisite works of art, Florence is also home to so many restaurants that are well worth a visit. For you opera and classical music lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to know this city is full to the brim of music venues and theaters that are proud to play host to all things musical.


Home to some amazing Norman churches, Baroque palazzos and Greek temples, Sicily has it all. If you are a lover of architecture or you simply want to enjoy walking around some classic buildings, Sicily is where you need to be. But this city isn’t just home to architectural wonders, it’s also home to some natural wonders too such as Mount Etna, and a climate that is on par with Northern Africa. If you love nothing more than to spend hours on end sunning yourself on the beach, you need to come to Sicily. The beaches in this part of the country are simply beautiful, and they have yet to be taken over by hotels, shops, and restaurants making them ideal if you love to lay on a quiet beach and forget all of your troubles.


It simply wouldn’t be right if you came to Italy and didn’t visit Venice, even for just a few hours. This magnificent city that’s floating on water is a must-see destination for all tourists. Make your way around St. Mark’s Square. If you don’t arrive in Venice with a camera, you will be disappointed. Using your mobile phone may produce some good pictures, but they will be better if you take them on a proper camera. Trust me, you will be pleased you took a camera when you see the results. With the bridge of Sighs, a Gothic Palazzi, and some stunning Churches and secret squares, Venice has plenty to offer.  If you can, try to get a ride on a gondola or Vaporetto (Water taxi) as they’re a lot of fun and give you a great chance to see the sights.


With some incredibly beautiful beaches and good restaurants close by, Sardinia is ideal if you would like to spend some time by the sea. This city is also ideal if you would also like to explore Italian nightlife and as many ruins as possible. Take a walk around some Roman ruins and Carthaginian ones too. Pop into some Pisan churches as be prepared to have your breath taken away. This city really does seem to have it all, so be prepared to have a trip of a lifetime.


Italy Rome

Rome is another city that you just have to visit when you’re in Italy. If you’re a fan of classical ruins and churches, this really is the place to be. You don’t have to be the world’s biggest fan of early Christian churches to appreciate how beautiful and significant some of the buildings and ruins are. Once you’ve had your fill of architectural and history, why not take a walk around some of the local shops that can only be described as ‘Quirky’. Wine connoisseurs will love Rome thanks to the availability of some very tasty and locally produced wines. With a mild climate and a city that is simply stunning, you must come to Rome when you have the chance.


Known as one of the fashion capital’s of the world, Milan is the ideal destination if you are happy to shop ‘til you drop, and browse those stores that are just a little too expensive. But shopping and fashion are not all that Milan offers, it is also home, as you would probably expect to some historical buildings that can be found standing right next to skyscrapers, making Milan a very interesting place to be.

The Italian Lakes 

Italy Lakes

It was the Romans who decided that they would like to vacation in the Italian lakes, and people have been doing it ever since. The foothills of the unbelievably beautiful Alps make their way to Italy’s northern plains and it’s here when you can find some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes. One of the wonderful things about visiting the Italian lakes is that they look almost as they did a few thousand years ago. Make sure you bring some good shoes or boots with you as you’ll need them while you make your way around the lakes, taking in their beauty and history.

Italy is a very beautiful country that’s full of some very beautiful cities. With historical buildings, amazing scenery, and some interesting stories to tell, each of these cities is well worth a visit. But you don’t have to be a huge fan of architecture to make your way around the cities as they also host some excellent shops, highly recommended restaurants and good nightlife.

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